How do you get maximum access to your luggage with Easy Jet, Ryanair or British Airways? I have been on the road for the last couple of years and I am yet to master the balance between taking too much clothing on travel or not enough. If you are seeking The White Lotus life and heading to The Four Seasons. Then look no further for these easy packing and buying tips.

When it comes to buying swimwear, it’s important not to compromise on quality. Your swimwear reveals a lot about your body, so it’s worth investing in the perfect pieces. Follow these simple rules to achieve a practical and stylish beach look that will never go out of style.

When it comes to swimwear, it’s important not to compromise on quality, as it exposes a significant portion of your body. Follow these straightforward guidelines to ensure you find the perfect swimsuit that will always be fashionable. Regardless of the year, swimwear remains a vital item on every beach packing list.

Heading To The Beach Tips

When heading to the beach, it’s important to bring a few key items for your comfort and convenience. First, don’t forget to bring a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Additionally, a cover-up is essential for when you’re walking to the ice-cream shop or simply taking a leisurely stroll along the shore. To claim your spot on a comfortable lounger, be sure to bring a beach towel. And finally, a spacious tote bag is necessary to carry all of these items, as well as a water flask and a paperback book for entertainment.

Many times, these items are collected over time – like the flip-flops purchased at a resort boutique after your previous pair broke during a vacation, or the towel left behind by a guest who has long been forgotten. However, when combined, these items become an integral part of the memories and sentimental value associated with holidays, just like the nostalgic scent of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen.

carl friedrick check in luggage

Luxury check-in luggage by Carl Friedrick.

carl friedrick check in luggage

It is so hot in Europe at the moment I am suffering regarding style and feeling comfortable. I am starting to use my swimwear as a top when it comes to shopping, beaches and eating at restaurants. It is the perfect combination regarding travelling with fewer clothes but being practical.

swimwear Capri

Invest In High Quality Swimwear

If you’re looking to replace one of these ingredients, it’s advisable to invest in the highest quality that fits within your budget. While it may seem extravagant to spend a lot on swimwear that you’ll only wear for a few weeks each year, it’s important to consider that swimwear exposes a significant portion of your body. Therefore, it’s recommended not to compromise on quality in this case.

Investing in a well-fitting and comfortable garment made from high-quality fabrics is definitely worth the expense. Not only will it withstand regular use, but it will also remain durable for future summers. This teaches us a valuable lesson in style from the vibrant fashion era.


Darling Decoupage Swimwear

Eclectic florals delicately adorn swimwear is the solution. This swimwear above always turns heads on the beach and even more so when I choose to wear it as a top. It looks fabulous with denim shorts and cowboy boots. It looks great with a white linen skirt. It teams well with blue linen trousers. Because there are so many colours within the swimwear the block colours worn are endless regarding colour combinations.

Red Lipstick

Did you know that a slick of red lipstick can look just as good on the beach as it does after dark, or even better? It’s a surprising fact!

It is the perfect solution for swimming, then walking on the esplanade and going for a cocktail.

Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Swimming pool

When I want to cool off at Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido, I do so in style.

Due to the off-the-shoulder design, it gives a more flattering overall appearance to the outfit. On most occasions, people assume I am wearing a top, not swimwear.


Hat Wear

Regarding the hats again when choosing to opt for decoupage swimwear keep your hat attire neutral. I am trending Stetson Europe this year with various colours. Of course setting the tone for cowgirl it always looks fabulous in summer and serves a purpose. Keeping the sun off your head.

Stetson hat Europe Gracie Opulanza (4)

Choose a neutral palette and mix different textures to add panache to your swimwear ensemble.

Stetson hat Europe Gracie Opulanza (4)

Travelling In Summer

Let’s face it how much do we wear what we pack? So choose wisely pack five swimwear and five bottoms. You will certainly thank me when you are walking the streets of Europe or Asia in the heat to your hotel.

Broderie Anglaise

Broderie Anglaise is so hot this summer and I am normally not a fan of it. But I did spot this unusual style which looks so super chic. I chose to go up a size because it I like the over size look and easy to take on and off if I am wearing my swimwear underneath. As on occasions entering a church for a tour that is where the swimwear attire won’t work.

In Italy they ask women to cover their shoulders whilst entering churches.

Stetson hats

Broderie Anglaise is 100% cotton perfect for keeping cool in the summer. I would recommend packing, Broderie Anglaise white tops during summer as they are super chic and super versatile.


Practical Bags

This summer take on the Seventies vibe. Savour the beauty of bucolic dressing for winter and embrace clean-cut backpacks or art designs on your bags. I am a huge fan of studded leather over the shoulder bags too. This is my current bag collection with a mix of new bags and vintage bags.

Michele De Fine Aragosta orange leather bag Gracie Opulanza made in italy (1)

Orange looks fabulous with colour clashing swimwear.

Michele Del Fine Algoats orange leather venice bag

My new love is the vegan belt bag by designer Le Maniglie dell’Amore  it is handmade and perfect for hand-free travel. Pickpocketing in large cities is always something to be aware of. It is super chic and very light to walk around in the soaring heat. If you are a mum like me great to keep the kids near you when needed.


Bags by Gracie Opulanza

Travel lite and Stylish

Regarding travel smart, I am a huge fan of my idea of wearing your swimwear as a top it is easy to wash, dry and carries. There are so many decoupage swimwear floral options to buy at the moment here in London and Europe.

When travelling to hot countries like Italy you need to take loads of swimwear you can swim in and use as a top too.

Michele De Fine Aragosta orange leather bag Gracie Opulanza made initaly (2)