I just love men’s shirts. The quality of the cotton is always much better than women’s shirts too.  Let’s face it how many shirts are hanging in your partner’s wardrobe untouched? In my case, the size is perfect as the shirts are an XL so for me lots of room to sleep in.

So instead of buying pyjamas, I opt for a men’s shirt dress. In this case, raiding my partner’s wardrobe.

This is about playing whilst at home frustrated regarding lockdown.

But there is something about wearing your partner’s clothes that gets my boat floating. Interestingly my partner’s torso is as long as mine he is over 6 foot tall. So there is no issue of it fitting me. Most men’s shirts will fit as they are made for men.

Breakfast at Tiffanys dress shirt

Who better to set the trends of a man’s shirt that Audrey herself. I love the shirt above as it’s elegant and comfortable. Team it with a silk mask and you are creating your own Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Secret Of 3 - Luxury Linen Homewear cashmere wool pyjamas (2) mask silk

How To Wear The Men Shirt

Roll up the cuff of the sleeve the collar and go to sleep. Men’s shirts are always larger and it really comes down to your options.

I always enjoy seeing my husband’s reaction. He is always bemused and finds it somewhat odd that I raid his shirt wardrobe. Considering I do not lack clothes an on any level.

I don’t get it he says. Why are you wearing my shirts? For me, I am not a big fan of wearing a shirt dress. It’s not flattering on my figure.

Just ignore him and have some fun and wear it as a nice alternative.

Sometimes you just want a quick change. You’re tired of your wardrobe hence you go and raid the closet thing next to you. That’s the beauty of having a partner.

mens shirt for sleepwear

Men’s Shirt How To Choose

The super cool thing about this is when I choose his shirts I have me in mind. Yes a gift chosen by me for me and in a sort of a way showing him it’s for him, well sort of.  I hope I have inspired you to recycle your hidden gems and have a blast raiding his shirts. Charity stores having amazing shirts sometimes new. I like to top for shirts with massive cuffs, it makes it more fun.

men shirts super models wearing them

Cotton On

I would go for a cotton shirt because they breathe easier and feel much nicer too. Easy to wash on some occasions I don’t have to iron it as well. These are a great pyjama alternative apposed to the cheap fast-fashion items sold right now. Don’t be wasteful regarding your partner’s shirts get them out and use them.

shirt dress for pregnancy

Made In Italy

Italian cotton is a great short dress choice. There are many luxury cotton brands that create brilliant shirts for men that you could use as a shirt dress. I would opt for a non-fitting shirt as it’s more flexible to sleep in. Less restrictive and this shirt is not about elegance. It’s about an alternative comfortable stay home attire.

Raid your partner’s shirts, at least during this lockdown they come to good use.

nicole kidman wears dolce and gabbana-mens shirt