From every brand including the luxury brands. It seems the only home wear being bought is everything linen pajamas. For me, it’s a season to be jolly and dress for the Christmas period. So what is comfortable, warm, and stylish as an alternative for home wear?

Sleep in your pajamas and that is it. Make an effort and dress stylishly at home.

This is a good way of living an opulent lifestyle.


Capes are a warm item of clothing that is easy to be worn and looks very stylish. I wear mine with my wellingtons on the estate here in Tuscany.

Red Hooded Cape Angela Facchini Rome (2)

Capes can be worn with wellingtons or clogs.

clogs caretti

If you don’t want to buy clothes then opt for a rental service.


Ponchos are super warm, stylish comfortable, and easy to wear at home. I would opt for a cashmere or wool poncho for durability. Wearing clothes at home is good for one’s mental health.

Opt for tartan for the festive season.

 Alternative Comfortable Homewear

Cashmere Trousers

Cashmere or wool trousers are brilliant for staying warm and they look stylish too. They do not appear to look like leggings or pajamas. Cashmere feels amazing on and is so very warm and comfortable

Opt for an elastic waistband for comfort.

cashmere trousers home wear (2

I am in a luxury villa in Italy accessing high-profile homes. I want to look and feel comfortable and match the interior design.

table setting

cashmere trousers home wear (2

Cashmere Leggings

This is much more appealing and stylish for opting to stay and work at home. Or like me having to pop down the high street. You don’t want to get caught in your pajamas. how stylish is this overall cashmere outfit. Cashmere leggings are amazing to wear including this roller neck flowing cashmere pullover.

cashmere leggings

If you are working on your feng shui then it’s important you match your home decor. This is me in my Villa wearing my woolen red cape. Doný i Look comfortable and stylish?

red cape angela facchini tuscany