Are you forgetting what day of the week it is? Can you even understand the implications of coronavirus when people still hug each other and say,

‘Whoops, sorry!’ afterwards.

When was your last day of being able to go outdoors at owning your free will?

It’s seven weeks and counting, for me. It has been a roller coaster of emotions. How have I survived so far?

There are three vital tips that I have maintained for my own sanity so far.

Stay Home - Mental Health Fashion Tips (2

Andorra, not allowed out for Six weeks now!

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Well Being
  • Fashion In the Kitchen

What fashion item could be so relevant to any of our lives right now?

No restaurants will be opening anytime soon. So my home has become my culinary outlet.


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Stay Home - Mental Health Fashion Tips (2

My pizza skills are getting better.

Stay Home - Mental Health Fashion Tips (2

Mental Health Well Being

Your mental health is just as important as putting food on the table.

Would you agree as a  society when you are feeling down and low? You are told to avoid how you feel, and just suck it up and move on.

Lockdown, has it not force you to look in the mirror and reflect how life has changed so fast?

Being held inside not of your free will, are you not terrified of the control you are under right now?

Has it not shown you how weak and vulnerable you are financially, emotionally, and physically?

Has the stay at home movement, not highlighted the fact that you have lost your human right called freedom?

Stay Home - Mental Health Fashion Tips (2

Self-Quarantine Is The New IT Word

The world has closed it’s borders. Self-quarantine is the new IT word for don’t travel. So what do we do in the meantime to keep our mental health intact?

I read, write, reeducate myself, and watch TED talks. I pray to the Christian God and debate with friends.

But I am a visual learner, self-reliant on fashion and how I look. What I wear makes me feel happy.

Stay Home - Mental Health Fashion Tips (2

My shower cap is now used for hair not dropping into food.

Stay Home - Mental Health Fashion Tips (2

Apron Tips

Dressing up in the kitchen makes me and my family smile. So today I am encouraging you to get your favorite apron out. Cook with some fun!

Stay Home - Mental Health Fashion Tips (2

Organic plain flour!

Homemade Self Raising Tip

Here in Andorra self-raising flour or baking powder is hard to get.

Simply get plain flour mixed with fresh lemon juice and bio carbonate soda and it’s now turned into self-raising flour.

You have to face it are you sick of coming up with dishes? 

If you have children cooking is a great skill to learn. Don’t be fussy with cleaning up the mess. Teach then that as well.

Stay Home - Mental Health Fashion Tips (2

Get your best plates, teapots, and cups out. You are living through a moment in life that is going down in history!

Do whatever you can to keep sane.

Stay Home - Mental Health Fashion Tips (2