To Koreans, access to a mask is like a human right. Everyone wears them. Even babies wear masks. In the western world, wearing masks is something very new. To get YOUR hands-on regular masks in the west is like digging for gold.

Today in South Korea one person is entitled to the weekly ration of two face masks. After the outbreak emerged, masks sold out instantly. So the government decided to regulate supply and allocate most stocks into an affordable ration system. Two for about £2. To Koreans, each week.

Revolution Of Fashion Masks

Mask serves a Covid 19 purposes. It is a legal instruction to wear them in public. I am finding the normal disposal masks are ugly, uncomfortable and unfriendly. I can’t breathe properly. My eyewear fogs up every time I wear them. I am fiddling with my mask to make sure I am comfortable.

Not good to touch your face with coronavirus.

The revolution of mask design is happening. Who better to lead the trend than Lady Gaga.

This mask has a lot of potential regarding, protection, comfort, and breathability.

Plastic Is Fantastic

In supermarkets, the revolution has begun.  There are plastic shields between the staff member and the customer at the checkouts. Keeps both people safe and its disinfected after each customer. So taking the same approach the Lady Gaga mask makes sense.

It’s reusable, easy to put on and off and you’re able to talk and have human interaction as usual.

Who is gonna be ahead of the curb and start creating these is essential for staying afloat during as a fashion label?

It’s all about your own personal style

Get Designing

You have plenty of time to sketch during this stay-home pandemic. Share your design and thoughts with me.

Masks - The Fashion Future Trends

If you are seeking some cloth masks as a nice alternative to live the opulent lifestyle. Then check out what I did in Florence.

Masks Florence Italy - Uffizi Gallery Inspired Collection Angela Facchini Etsy (2) Gracie Opulanza kaftan 2021