It seems to me these days because of the mass brands dominating the high street that we have lost the art and passion to mix and match our personal style. For me, these powerful words, Style & Fashion don’t mean the same thing. Therefore, Personal Style versus Fashion, do they mean different things? You’re damn right they do.

I thought I would explain the difference.

To prove this point, the images and combinations below are what I wore on the last day at London Collections: Men 2014. It was loved by all, both at the event and on social media.

I have updated the article and you will see my lockdown style too.

Personal Style Versus Fashion

For me, Style versus Fashion is two very different things. Fashion magazines are all about fashion. They are all about the sell and how to get the current look. It makes perfect sense because that is what is in stores right now. These fashion magazines are about messing with your head and luring and guiding you into buying fashion.

I buy it just to see what is fashionably out there and in vogue so to speak. It’s the fashion sale, it’s the now, it’s the look and it is the current trend. However, it is not what I will wear. I can’t explain this mindset, it’s always who I have been and who people have known me for.

Gracie Opulanza wearing Dolce gabbana skirt in a vintage mustang (1)


Lockdown Essentials

The current sell is everything sleepwear and comfort. Luxury pyjamas have gone through the roof regarding marketing and price. Our style has gone out of the window and we are buying anything and everything to feel comfortable, lift our mood and somewhat being bord at home.

Pure Smart Stylish - Lady Orange Lifestyle Tips (2).jpg Gracie Opulanza Fattoria mansi bernardini

July 2020

Here are some of my looks for lockdown in the last few weeks. I am choosing a location to showcase my personal style.

Gotta keep dressing up as this stay at home is here for a long time.


Last week 2020

Peacock Feathers Hair Extensions

This shoot was done for my first ever event called Luxury Week London in December 2015. Which was the launch of many hotel and car reviews.

These peacock feathers are from Bali and all handmade.


2015 Shoot

Then in 2019, I drove my first Rolls Royce and still love my feather extensions. So as you can see I showcase my style through my lifestyle reviews and how the car makes me feel.

Rolls Royce phantom

The Trend Setter Of Style

I like this saying because it reflects who I have always been from a very young age. I would look in magazines and I still do and in my mind, I make sure I don’t buy what is in trend.

All of my life when I saw what everyone was wearing buying the current fashion trend, I made sure I took no part of it.

That’s me, I like to stand out every single day. I am that girl who is the trendsetter, the oracle of style, not fashion.

When you wear clothes celebrities do take note. In this interview, Tinie Tempah comments about what I wore.

Shoe Style

A huge lover of shoes and border line obsessive. These days I choose to wear boots, trainers that look good but are very comfortable.

In 2015 I wore pumps whilst driving a Bentley.

Gracie Opulanza Jwest foldable pumps Singapore Shangri le hotel at the shard london (2)

In 2019 I wore flat laced up leather boots.



Now style is all about you. Fashion is about trends. What clothes and accessories reflect the real you? The empowering collection you mix and match to showcase your style. It’s a conscious effort to make sure no one else at that event, let alone the high street, looks like you. It’s about seeking out other people’s reactions about your personal style.

This takes time, courage and boldness to be able to do this. It normally comes with age but in my case, I have always stood out and chosen to stand out.

Yes, I am an attention seeker and will always be. I guess my personal style is a God-given gift or a curse.

Aston Martin DB Cotswold's 2020 gracie opulanza leather trousers
Style is all about choosing colours that reflect your personal style and suit your skin tone. I get this wrong more so than the right. The reason being I want to make sure if everyone is wearing blue then I want to be wearing green.

But on reflection, your personal colour style should never be about fashion trends. So a golden rule is to make sure you know the right colours that suit you and not what is in fashion.

Villa Marlia or Villa Reale di Marlia Tuscany Lucca 2020 Luxury Estate For Tourists (29)

Fashion Weeks Versus Style

In 2014 when I started attending fashion weeks the social media was in its infancy. So I chose to wear up and coming designers.

Me at London Fashion Week 2014. It draws a lot of attention and it was an outfit for the next season.

London Fashion Week MenStyleFashion

Eyelashes Trend

A great bold move for us to come up with the idea. Because I met so many celebrities at the charity ball way back in 2014.

Lewis Hamilton was so intrigued regarding my eyelash extensions.


This is an excellent example of personal style. I owned that ballroom that night just being me and choosing to stand out.

Eyelash extensions

Dr.Martens Boots

This outfit below I wore in 2015, was not in the fashion I opted to showcase my personal style. To date, I love this look.

The Dr. Martens boots in my case express how I love to walk, interact with the people on the street whilst still being be edgy and comfortable.

Gracie Opulanza - Wearing Bimba & Lola Dress, Dr Martins Red Boots, Vintage Mink Jakcet and Styled by Zoe Della Rocca (8)

It was a real mix of colours but it certainly showcased my style.

Gracie Opulanza - Wearing Bimba & Lola Dress, Dr Martins Red Boots, Vintage Mink Jakcet and Styled by Zoe Della Rocca (7)

Samuel L Jackson

I chose to opt for a Hunger Game image, during One For The Boys charity event.  When I met Samual L Jackson I had to compete with his huge personality.

He saw how confident I was within what I wore that night. He knew I was wearing the clothes and not the other way around.

Another excellent example of the style.


You can read why Samuel L Jackson liked my personal style.

Samuel L Jackson

Gracie Opulanza - Wearing Bimba & Lola Dress, Dr Martins Red Boots, Vintage Mink Jakcet and Styled by Zoe Della Rocca (3)


When interviewing fashion models at fashion weeks they always wear the latest look. For me, it is the right moment to show my creative and personal style.

My interviews with beard model Ricki Hall was perfect for suiting the big personalities in the room

Ricki-Hall---Beard-&-Tattoos-Male-Model-(27) - Copy

These boots were teamed with many outfits during the Men’s Fashion Week.

Gracie Opulanza - Wearing Bimba & Lola Dress, Dr Martins Red Boots, Vintage Mink Jakcet and Styled by Zoe Della Rocca (2)

As they empowered me to be bold in such a pretentious environment. In this case, in 2014 I interviewed David Gandy.

David Gandy gracie Opulanza interview


This is me in Florence, Italy back in July. I always wear clothes that are not even on the market. This is a dress from East Africa Uganda.

So many compliments here in Italy when I walked around the city. When you understand your style. The clothes represent your persona and people see that. It’s called personal style nothing to do with fashion trends.

Uganda East Africa In Florence italy