I met Kristina back in 2011 when Gracie Opulanza was not even formed. It was my first time at London Fashion Week. I was so excited and did not know what to expect. I bought a ticket and off I went.  I decided to see what the fuss was all about when it came to designers. I never forget when I saw Kristina Goes West collections. I loved every bit of it. Little did I know the friendship that was to form and gorgeous lady Kristina who has seen the ups and downs of me trying to build my own brand. That’s priceless right there.

Mayfair Hotel – The Pressure To Perform

If there was one collection I was clear in getting through to the crowd that day at the Mayfair Hotel for BrandUsSocial it was Kristina Goes West and how great they are. I needed a business suit or in this case a dress with a twist. The great thing is Kristina knows me and understands that I am know ordinary character. In the fashion world everyone will be judging you. I came home very late the evening before the conference. Kristina battled through the London tube strike to get me the suit. That is who she is committed to her word. Not common in the fashion world. I have been let down a few times but never by Kristina who had to Go West to get the dress.  When Kristina put the dress on me well and truly in the late hours of the next morning.   I was exhausted but instantly once Kristina put it on me,  I  felt empowered.  This was the suit I needed. This girl knows her fashion.

Its been along time since I have spoken in-front of a minimal crowd of 270 people. I was up against the biggest names in the fashion industry. So my business image counted for one reason alone. My name is Gracie Opualnza and I am wearing an epic empowering dress. You all know by now I am all ego.

From the moment I was strutting about at the Mayfair Hotel. Heads were turning and from 10am that hotel belonged to me. The suit empowered me to be who I am. FEARLESS.

What I Wore

The empowering dress I wore was an Alchimionek Pastel Blue dress teamed with a  cropped jacket. The  Jewellery was made  by Justina necklace which was just adorable. The material felt light, breathable and it was strong. This is crucial for me because  as you know. I have a reputation of tearing clothes  part in action.

Ladies if you are looking for unique pieces honestly these ladies nail it. You the judge jury can vote if you liked what I wore.

Thank You

Thank you to all the designers involved for building a girl who has to act and dress like a women but think like a man.

Photography by Maria Scard

My hair styled by Toni and Guy Mayfair