The 2013 winter and autumn collections are starting to see the light as we speak. Different retailers and designers let the world know what we should be wearing the coming season. However, some trends just never go out of fashion, like the vintage style.

This year the fashion scene has been hugely inspired by the big movie success “The Great Gatsby” which premiered in the spring. If you love jewellery, art-deco inspired fashion but haven’t actually seen the movie yet – put it on your to-do list this year! The Great Gatsby draws attention to the super-rich and wealthy New York upper class in the 1920s. The guys are super sleek and the women are dressed in the most outstanding beaded gowns and give the outfit a hint of attitude with their short-cut-hairstyles.

Over-the-top diamond rings, pearls and beads, embellished clutches, and statement jewelry are hints of what you can always find in vintage find accessories collection, clearly inspired by the Gatsby look.

Great Gatsby - Influenced Accessories

Picture: Warner Bros

How To Get The Look

The vintage art-deco style can be incorporated into any outfit; you don’t need to go all out unless you are joining a fancy dress party. Focus on pampering your outfit up with some bold statement necklaces or a cute clutch.

Vintage Purses And Handbags – History Of Weaponry Bags

Here are some vintage clutch bag examples you can be inspired too.

Pearls are an all-time favorite that never goes out of fashion. Happily mix cute feminine pearls with a more androgynous style or a fierce red dress. Don’t be afraid of mixing styles, fabrics, and accessories. Focus on finding your own look and experiment with different things.

Pearl necklaces for fashion (2)

Fur was a dominant fabric used. It stated one’s wealth.

Great Gatsby Accessories from Accessorize

Pearls were worn in a layered form. Again stating the richness of the person.

Pearl necklaces for fashion (2)

Finally, if you want to take the Gatsby to look a little bit further, paint your lips matte red, apply some smokiness to your eyes, keep your nails natural and finish the look with some loose powder.

MAC Make UP & Channel Nail Varnish

Makeup: lipstick Nars, eyeliner Armani, nail polish Chanel, eye shadow Bobbi Brown.

Great Gatsby Accessories from Accessorize

Picture: Jewels and clutches from Accessorize

This year it shall sparkle and shine in the neckline, on fingers and wrists, and also in the hair. Whether you are attending a wedding or just going out for lunch, a pretty hair clip or a beautiful headpiece will make you stand out.

Great Gatsby Accessories from Accessorize hair

Picture: Hair accessories from Accessorize