Johnny Depp has his own distinct image and followers no trends. Johnny is true until himself when it comes to style and fashion. Let’s take a detailed look at his core style trends he has stuck to over the years.

Johnny Depp Style

  1. HATS – Johnny Depp loves to wear many hats but you see him mainly wearing the trilby and the fedora.
  2. NECKLACE – He favours, tribal, worldly traveler kind of look for example long silver chains and tiger tooth.
  3. BRACELETS – Loves brown leather wristband on his right wrist. Wears numerous beaded bracelets on his left wrist.
  4. Still embraces a sweat band on his wrist. Occasionally has the bandana sticking out from his jean pockets.
  5. RINGS –  Skull ring every single time.
  6. TATTOOS – he has loads, it’s all about personal taste.
  7. JEANS – Never too dark
  8. BOOTS –  Always black, grungy and not too large.
  9. BEARD, GOUTY, MOUSTACHE  depends what image he is feeling at the time.
  10. EYEWEAR – Round sunglasses with various tints colours.
  11. BODYWEAR – Slim, t-shirts mainly brown or grey teamed with scarves.
  12. BODY – Gym will sort that out

Johnny Depp Style - Tips 1 - tattoos

Johnny Depp Style - Tips 2 - Skull Rings
Skull rings

Johnny Depp Style - Tips 3 - Leather Bracelets
Leather Bracelets

Johnny Depp Style - Tips 4 - Hats & Glasses
Hats and glasses