Audrey Hepburn - Chic, Style With An Elegant Fashion Flare (18)

Audrey Hepburn was born to an British father and Dutch mother within Belgium, May 4th, 1929. Her father’s work as an insurance agent meant the family frequently shifted in between Great Britain, The Netherlands as well as Belgium. After the war, Audrey went to London, uk where she carried on  studying ballet. She had wonderful natural talent however her height and lack of nutrition during the war meant that she ended up being unable to become a really great ballerina, and so decided to look for work as an occasional actress.

Audrey Hepburn – Beauty Along With Honesty

Audrey had a natural beauty and elegance. She has frequently been chosen the most beautiful lady of the century. Her natural atmosphere associated with childlike purity always described Audrey as alluring and funny. She was held in excessive respect by many in the film industry. Her work integrity method has been impressive to all. She definitely avoided conflict at all times and many of the top actors claimed, how much they appreciated working with Audrey. Her fashion, beauty influence and style is still so powerful today. If you don’t know what style to wear then you know just look to Audrey Hepburn visually and you are sorted.

Audrey Hepburn – Fashion Moments

Her performance and fashion image was one of the most iconic roles of the 1960s. Audrey played one of her most demanding roles, the extrovert Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” She said of her role that it was “one of the jazziest of my career” she said it was contrary to her introverted nature and thus was quite difficult to pull off. The film has retained an enduring popularity to this day. I love it.

In 2006, the “little black dress” from the film was sold in auction for just under £0.5 million and the cash went to one of her proceeds.

Audrey’s Legacy

Audrey is one of Hollywood’s great stars of the 1950s and 1960’s. This  fame never went to her head. This was reflected by the last few years of her life, from 1967, after 15 years in film, she acted only occasionally. She spent more time with her family and also working with UNICEF. She was appointed as a special ambassador to UNICEF and became actively involved in campaigns to improve conditions for children around the world. What a great legacy to leave behind.

Sadly, after returning from Somalia in 1992 Audrey Hepburn developed cancer of the colon in January 1993 she died in Switzerland aged 63. Though one certainty for sure,  her fashion influence and beauty will remain forever.

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audrey hepburn chic style with an elegant fashion flare 

audrey hepburn chic style with an elegant fashion flare 

audrey hepburn chic style with an elegant fashion flare 

Audrey Hepburn - Chic, Style With An Elegant Fashion Flare (1)

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