I know this country well I am married to a Dutchman. When it comes to Dutch women wearing high heels. It is rarely seen on bikes. Are high heels illegal to wear on a bike here in the Netherlands? Why do women choose not to ride their bikes in high heels?

Bike and Flowers

I live in Italy and it’s often seen women riding bikes and scooters in high heels. It’s what makes Italy so appealing.

Venice Italian women wearing high heals

This is a lady in Venice walking in high heels. For me, this can be replicated in Holland on the bike.

Flat Nation Of The World

Holland is flat. There are no mountains to climb. The cycling roads are amazing. Therefore this excuse of not being able to ride in high heels is utter nonsense. So why are Dutch women choosing not to ride in high heels?

Gracie Opulanza wall art

I have often been told that a woman can’t ride fast with high heels on. So let’s go on a journey on why I tend to differ.

The Hague Bike Woman Holland

High Heels For Riding

What high heels could women today choose to wear without compromising style and comfort? It’s the practicality of these high heels that women here in the Netherlands choose not to wear high heels on any bike.

bike red backpack

Dutch women seem to think they can’t ride their bikes in high heels. They feel it won’t allow them to be able to feel comfortable or get to work.

The Hague Bike Woman Holland

What I am noticing when I walk around the streets of Holland. Is the compliments and looks I get wearing colour, heels and being my authentic self.

Denim For Dutch

Deim his the DNA of Holland. The women love to wear it at anytime of the day. This is where it becomes a problem. This is why so many ducth women are screaming to me about wanting to chnage. But they don’t simply no how. Why are they so fearful? Why is it a taboo to wear anything but block colours and trainers on a bike?

The Hague Bike Woman Holland

These images I took yesterday, it’s summer for goodness sake. Where are your deep frills? Where are your sandals and socks?

Great examples below of what Dutch women can now wear on a bike.

Sting Den Hague Sting Den Hague

Can I ride in these Chie Mihara high heels?

Fashion For Fifty - Sandals With Socks Style Tips

Cowboy Boots For Bikes

A good start is to wear cowboy boots on the bike. The overall boot has a grip and the heel is not that high. Old Gringo are a great boot for any bike.

old-gringo-boots-Mexico.jpg-embroidery America

cowboy boots The Hague Holland Riding bike city (2

The great white combination here with cowboy boots. This is what I love to see more women riding in.

Hike On You Bike In White

White is very popular in Holland. So I would expect to see white on the bike. Great colour to stand out regarding road safety.

black dress white boots Amsterdam, streetstyle

Clog Grip

I wear clogs and they have a Vibram grip. This means when I climb stairs in Venice or walk around on cobbler stones in Amsterdam. I never ever lose my grip.

The Hague Holland Riding bike city (1)

Even when getting off and on a classic tram in The Hague.

The dutch love my clogs aks me where I get them. In three weeks been here, I have only seen one person wear clogs in Holland and that is me.

Amsterdam canals

Me in Amsterdam with plenty of Vibram grip in my clogs. Not an issue on the bike.

Ankle Boots

These red ankle boots are effortless on the bike. Once again a little high heel too.

red boots

Me in Dordrecht riding my bike.

Red ankle boots

Chie Mihara

So many compliments for these Chie Mihara platforms. They have grip, look fabulous with anything and are easy to ride on a bike.

Chei Mihara sandals with socks

Team them with any socks to give a more feminine appeal.

cycling in holland woman green

All she needs is some high heels to do the walking and style riding.

I ride in my outfit below. I am wearing Versace Shirt and Valentino Shorts. And my Puma frill trainer. With my red backpack, made to order.

Puma white trainers