Frills are not so popular to wear but this summer everything deep frill is a must buy. Below is a great example of a maxi dress with prints. It is seen a lot here in Venice. It is what has been popular in the past. Like this vintage deep frill dress.

vintage deep frill dress

A bohemian delight, full of Italian, Venice Charm.

venice Frill Delight Tips - A Bohemian Summer Delight

Deep Frill Dresses

But what I noticing today is the IT Deep frill dress. Superbly frilly sleeves. Embrace overly frilly sleeves or dresses for an eye-catching look. All images are by me taken in the last two days. Welcome to frills, deep frills and floral frill prints here in Venice.

yellow dress Venice

This deep frill pink dress is in ZARA, at the moment. My friend is on a superyacht in Monaco.

Zara Deep Frill Pink Skirt

Frills At Fifty

The Italian story overflows with tiers of delicate cotton lace trims. Crafted from super-soft, sheer dobby cotton, it evokes whimsical hours whiled away in nature. The deep frill dresses are so hot this summer. Natalie is not fifty yet, but this is the yellow deep frill dress she chose to wear to launch her new album coming soon.


Orange and red seem to be the frill of the moment colours for Italian summer. Women over fifty are rocking it with boho style.

A bohemian delight, full of Italian, Venice Charm.

Orange is a powerful and popular colour worn here in Venice.

It can be worn in plain or mixed boho print. Large single frill maxi dress is very popular, at any age. Great to hide bulging tummies. The street style Venice of last year was very different.

pink frills venice maxi dress

Deep frill dresses look great at any age and in any size. A small atelier in Venice is using fabrics from the past or what I call upcycling to recreate deep frill dresses.

Sunny Hats

With your deep frill dress, make sure you team it with a hat.

A bohemian delight, full of Italian, Venice Charm.

Hats look good with frills or no-frills, very popular with a maxi dress.

Frilly Purple Shirts

Frilly purple shirts from Temperley shirts. Trending purple frills with denim shorts is an example of soft glamour.

Temperley London Frill

Frills with trainers are not so elegant but here in Venice, one has to walk many kilometres. I would opt for wooden clogs.

Frill maxi dress

Clogs With Deep Frill Dresses

Clogs look great with deep frill dresses.

Long Frill Dress

This floral dress is all about the print with a nice frill at the bottom. If long dresses are your personality this dress looks fabulous on this woman who is over sixty.

floral frill maxi dress

Small Frills

Like me, I am not a frilly fan. So the dress like below can have a small frill. They look good in these dresses with Nike trainers.

yellow Dress Venice

Trainers are so flexible and the variety of choices is all down to your personal style. keep them white as they are bright against frills during summer.


Accessories with frills need to be gold or silver and keep it simple. Or opt for a statement ring like my church inspired ring. Costume jewellery is a fabulous accessory to team with your frills. Chunky coral looks wonderful with frills.

Dolce & Gabbana inspired church ring Gracie opulanza

What Is Vintage Frill?

Combining vintage shapes with modern trends, Frill is the go-to label for dresses, perfect for any travel or alfresco dining.
Al fresco dining Italy

Tote Bags

In summer it is all about tote bags. Throwing your stuff effortlessly. So whether here in Venice or on the coast of Tuscany at Forte Dei Marmi the new luxury resort for Italian’s shopping at palazzo boutiques. A tote bag is a must for any occasion. The Pink closet, through e-commerce, is all about the Palazzo Avino experience at home. So when not walking the popular beach destination this season like many wealthy Italians.

The Emerging Italian Luxury Brands For 2021

Opt for Italian brands like emerging brands such as Michele Di Fine in Venice. Or brands such as Giannico, Caterina Gatta, Vernissse, Leontine Vintage, Gala Rotelli, Bluetiful and House of Mua Mua, among others.
mustard tote bag

Ferrari Red Backpack

This is my oversize contemporary backpack. That looks fabulous with frilly dresses.

Ferrari Red Gracie Opulanza Tuscany Leather Backpack

Due to the shape, it balances the frills with the bag.

Ferrari Red backpack Gracie Opulanza
It is a versatile colour that teams with everything. You can throw as many items as you want without compromising elegance and style whilst travelling or going to work.
Ferrari Red Gracie Opulanza Tuscany Leather Backpack