Italy as a united country never had a monarchy, so every Italian is a kind of king or queen of their own look. It’s all about self-invention.
The mindset towards fashion is.
Wear what you love and treasure the things you love in your wardrobe because no era ever completely goes out of date. 
All the images in this article are taken by me here this week in Tuscany.
Forte Dei Marmi Italy
Beach style wearing linen is a must in Italy.


Linen is that style and fabric that will never date and looks wonderful on anyone. Any age or gender can wear linen. Layering linen is the key to a chic look.
Linen Style Tips - Capsule Collections That Never Date
Today I noticed a lady walking on the beach of Forte Dei Marmi. she looked effortlessly cool and wanted to keep her pale skin away from the sun.

Linen Scarf

Ready to level up? Tie it around your neck, either loosely draped, or quite tight. I’ve positioned it with the knot to the side to create the illusion of a longer neck. Double wrap it if you prefer a smaller knot. Move it to the front to conceal a too-low neckline.

 A scarf can also serve as an effective belt, too, looped through the waistband of a pair of jeans, or to define the waist of a flowy dress.

On holiday, I like to tie it around my head in the style of  Brigitte Bardot, depending on my mood. A pair of gold hoop earrings and salty hair completes the bohemian vibe.

Of course, if you happen to be going for a ride in a convertible, there’s only one way to wear your scarf: Grace Kelly-style, on your head, knotted beneath the chin – instant movie-star glamour, without a hair out of place.

The linen shirt below is a vintage top.

So whether it’s on my neck or on my head a silk or linen scarf is a versatile must-have for summer. Fabulous for a bad hair day,
Yves Saint Lauren Silk Scarf

Max Mara

If there is a brand I adore for innovation, updated styles and high-end linen. Then it has to be Max Mara. Linen is their DNA.  Linen needs to be rediscovered as a nostalgic fabric for summer. It is a shop that understands the creativity and identity of the versatility of linen.

max Mara Linen

The above is their sportswear range. It felt and looked very funky. Below is more of a traditional capsule collection.

Max Mara

Classic Linen Shirt

Trending on Tik Tok is the Coastal Grandmother linen collection. Asking your parents or grandparents for vintage linen will allow you to rediscover that linin shirts like those below are timeless classics.

Max Mara linen shirts

They team well with linen trousers or like what I am wearing today denim bling shorts. I can swim at the seaside and then browse the boutiques on my bike without compromising my beach style.

rick owen boot beige plastic

Embroidery Linen

Colourful linen looks fabulous in summer. When touring the Italian streets of Tuscany. An oversized linen dress is super chic and comfortable to wear all day long near the seaside.

linen dress generation z

They are wonderful to trend on one’s Tik Tok account.

linen dress tik tok

Linen prints are very popular this season here in Italy. When touring cities like Venice linen is super comfortable for travel and walking in the soaring summer heat.

jordan purple trainer Venice 2021

Team, a linen dress with a Nike trainer goes hand in hand.

Straw Bags

From Yves Saint Laurent to Dolce & Gabbana. A straw bag is a brilliant accessory for summer. Effortless and robust for sand and land travel.

straw bag Saint Laurent

Straw bags always like linen are timeless. My favourite straw bag seen this year is from Valentino it is super chic.

Dolce & Gabanna

Shoe Style

From wooden clogs to fabric flats. Make sure you invest or good walking shoes for summer.

Popular this year is bling with the straw finish. Connecting to mother nature is wonderful for your foot’s wellness.
Forte Dei Marmi - Coastal Grandmother Flowing Linen Style Tips
Shoes like this are feathers in one cap. Here in Italy, there are a notable array of handcrafted bespoke options when it comes to clogging styles.
clogs TODS leather
There are so many linen styles to opt for such as stripes. Stripes elongate short legs. Linen always look fabulous with tan sandals.
max mara
Invest in high-quality linen and they will never date. For a more affordable linen option Uterque, Spain’s brand offer good quality and so does their sister brand Massimo Dutti.