I have never been to Manchester before and in a space of two weeks Luxury Week Manchester was created and you can read all about it on MenStyleFashion. I looked at the state of my hair and thought who on earth is going to sort this mess out. When you have been chauffeured in a Bentley and hosted by Manchester Tourism, then there is one thing you have to understand that the state of your hair is the state of your mind. I felt so bad about my hair that when I landed at Manchester airport  I wore a hat.

When I did my Bentley Factory Tour my hair was that bad, I wore a wig, so I went to seek help at Nicky Clarke. Nicky Clarke Hairdressers Manchester is located at the stunning new city centre location, The Avenue, Spinningfields. Manchester was the first location outside of London for Nicky Clarke. They could not have chosen a better city for it.

Bentley Factory Tour Crewe2016 With Gracie Opulanza (3)

My hair the day before at Bentley Crewe Factory

Bentley Factory Tour Crewe2016 With Gracie Opulanza (8)

My hair the day before at Bentley Crewe Factory wearing a wig

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What Makes A Good Hairdresser

When I see the outside of the salon I got so excited because for me first appearances count. Let’s face it when you get your hair done, it is an emotional experience that one either loves or hates. I am always a drama queen when it comes to my hair. I want it to be in a nice pristine environment and this salon environment was all about that. Now the salon is like a huge tardis, from the outside it looks tiny but as you walk in, the two story floor space is fabulous.

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What I also liked that for consultation there was one section, then off you went to another section for colour and cut. Then finally another section for blow dry. Therefore it was all about the pampering, the personal touches and knowing that I was the most important person in the salon. It had a gorgeous vibe about it and I did not feel rushed at all. Have you ever been to a salon in where you know the hairdresser is so stressed because they have over booked and you too feel on edge, here I was super relaxed. Nicky Clarke’s salon felt warm, welcoming and fun, it was also hosting the latest technology in hairdressing.

For me getting my hair done is about the stylist being confident.  I had no idea what colour to go for, therefore I gave the freedom to Nicky Clarke to take over. I watched and listened and sat back all excited, because the staff were very well trained by the salon itself. I was impressed how detailed and thorough they were, explaining every process and doing the very thing they promised.

Getting my hair done was important for my Luxury Week Manchester. I am a social media queen, and across my three brands, I have almost one million followers. I tweet myself all the time in 20 sec videos.

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The Hair Make Over

In this video you will see the slow transformation and the actual state of my hair when I walked in. My hair was very dehydrated and the treatment I got is called Olaplex. Olaplex is a hydrating treatment that takes hair back to an almost virgin state. I am also loving the new technology in where in 20 minutes your colour treatment is sorted. Anastasia, really took control of what my hair needed I was really impressed. Listen to what she did to my hair.


Look at this for a hair dryer..

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Manchester Luxury Week

I am the female voice for menswear and men always comment on my hairstyles. The moment I walked out, it was a perfect way to start Luxury Week Manchester. My confidence went up, I ditched the wig and headed out to one of the best cocktail places just around the corner. This is where you need to let you hair do the talking.

Nicky Clarke Salon Manchester & Gracie Opulanza (3) Nicky Clarke Salon Manchester & Gracie Opulanza (1)Nicky Clarke Salon Manchester Gracie Opulanza (9) Nicky Clarke Salon Manchester Gracie Opulanza (10) Nicky Clarke Salon Manchester Gracie Opulanza (11)

Malta Fashion Week

After Manchester I headed to Malta for more lifestyle reviews and little did I know at the time that I would be at Malta fashion week, front row seats. The moment I entered Malta Fashion Week, the cameras were on me. Internally I thought to myself, thank God for Nicky Clarke, for taking a risk and allowing me to be part of their world. With my job you never know what invite will come your way.


A fashion blogger and presenter from Malta showcased me which was great.


My Fashion & Life Style Diary

The month of June is the biggest month for me. In the next four weeks I will be attending the most powerful menswear events both in Paris and London. As the female voice for menswear, more so than ever, my hair has to be in tip top condition. I am also reviewing 5 star hotels in central London and I like to look good. I will be meeting CEO’s and Britain’s and Paris top male models. I will be interviewing some of the most powerful fashion designers in the world for menswear. On a car front I will be heading to one of the biggest car events in the world. Therefore my hair colour and its condition has to be in tip top shape.