I flew into Malta for a week  to review some Luxury Hotels for MenStyleFashion. The moment I landed I heard on the radio that Malta Fashion Week was on. So I sent out a tweet. You see with the power of social media that is a unique way to let anyone know you’re in their Country. Thanks to Pierre Mizzi, who was on the ball I headed to Malta Fashion Week the sixth edition. I did not know what to expect and was excited to see what this island could showcase.

Fort Saint Angelo in Vittoriosa

I have been to many fashion events all over Europe. I have to say this was one of the most interesting, unique and picturesque locations for a fashion event. They are bang on trend because Louis Vuitton are showcasing outside in Brazil and Chanel did an amazing catwalk outside in Cuba. This is a very competitive market now and to get an international audience to take interest is getting harder and harder. I seems outside shows are setting new trends.

Malta is famous for many big film productions that come over and do photo shoots and film. The simple reason is the lighting is amazing. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get a great shots in Malta.

Ritienne Zammit

This was the most unusual catwalk runway I have seen. The setting was amazing and the collection was fabulous. The cat behaved too. Shots taken by me I wanted to do something different and yes I have set the trend. With my social media I was tweeting, taking shots on my camera, so I want to show you how I do things.

ritienne zammit malta fashion week 2016gracie opulanza (3)

ritienne zammit malta fashion week 2016gracie opulanza (1) Malta Fashion Week 2016 gracie opulanza Ritienne Zammit (15) Malta Fashion Week 2016 gracie opulanza Ritienne Zammit (19)


Loved the swimwear collection and the hair and makeup was just  an amazing standard. Trust me I have been to powerful catwalks that don’t even match this runway. I loved the music and little did I know. It had to be designer Natasha from Australia who rocked this runway. Natasha shared that  the models were fighting to be on this catwalk due to the hair and make up creativity.

Freeze Frame - Malta Fashion Week 2016 Swimwear (5) Freeze Frame - Malta Fashion Week 2016 Swimwear (2)

The Bloggers

I have never met any bloggers that were over the age of 25. So Paola Buonacara from Italy and Grazielle Camilleris from Malta made me feel very in my league.

So I was so thrilled to meet one of my followers Caroline Paris. In my social media world in where I have over 300,000 followers between Gracie Opulanza and MenStyleFashion, it is nice to put the face to the name when it comes to my followers.

The gorgeous Grazielle Camilleris made me feel so very welcome too.

What a fabulous shot by Carmelo Establier. The most creative shot of me ever at a fashion show.