Whilst in Antwerp we saw an exhibition of individual designers creating their own shoe art. The exhibition was shoes all made of coloured glass. They looked amazing and for any shoe lover. Sometimes to get people through the door you need to think outside the shoe box.

How Much Would Cinderella’s Glass Slippers Cost?

Bothale assumes that Cinderella is wearing slippers made of thermally toughened glass. The heels on the slippers are modelled as cylinders that have a 2cm diameter and are 6cm in length. If you wanted to mould glass into the shape of a heel then you’d need a sheet of glass that was 6cm long and 6.28 cm wide.

So that’s $381.24 for the inputs alone. These are luxury slippers with magical workmanship. High-end boutique stores markup their shoes by 500% and if we apply a similar markup to Cinderella’s footwear then The Fairy Godmother had to shell out $2,287.44 so that Cinderella could live happily ever after.

For that price, they better fit!

Glass Slippers - Cinderella's Exhibition

Glass Slippers - Cinderella's Exhibition