In winter I ski a lot. I am always trying to ski safe but as life has it, things happen. Back in March I had a crash and end up fracturing my shoulder blade. I will never forget that moment when my head slammed on that hard ice. And I heard my helmet crack. I later thought. Imagine if that was my head?

According to the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA): During the past 10 years, about 41.5 people have died skiing/snowboarding per year on average. During the 2011/12 season, 54 fatalities occurred out of the 51.0 million skier/snowboarder days reported for the season.

Bolle Story

The Bollé story began in the small town of Oyonnax, France in 1888. There, Seraphim Bollé started his company by first manufacturing combs and hair ornaments for the boxwood and horn indigenous to the region.

Wear A Helmet

What amazes me is how many people still ski without a helmet. Even if you’re a very good skier or snowboarder. What you have to remember is those around you may not be. I have a friend who is a bullet on the piste. I always worry if he hits someone what is going to happen to his head? I call him an egg head because he refuses to wear a helmet. I even see children not wearing helmets. I understand the reason because skiing can be expensive. You as a family are only doing it once a year or on the weekend. But it is no excuse for anyone to compromise you life like that.

Oliver Jarvis professional racing driver sums it up perfectly on twitter.

Bolle Helmet – Juliet Anna Veith Signature Series Bolle Helmet – Juliet Anna Veith Signature Series

Juliet Anna Veith Signature Series

Today I was given thanks to Bolle Eyewear the Juliet Anna Veith Signature Series helmet. This is an ABS helmet designed by Anna Veith and dedicated to the women. The Juliet has an ultra-resistant shell for profiling impacts. But still maintaining a highly feminine, style to your overall ski-wear.

What I like about the helmet is that it is equipped with adjustable ventilation and removable ear pads. The hypo-allergenic interior is very comfortable. The Juliet HAS aussi has a click-to-Fit system for precise size adjustment. This is important for impact. Make sure you clip your helmet on at all times. My friend died from a motorbike accident. The simple reason, he did or forgot to click his helmet. So when he crashed at over 100kph,  he had no chance of surviving.

bolle goggle anna veith 2017

Z5  Goggles

When I ski one of my problems is finding eyewear that is suitable for visibility. I was sent the Z5 goggles with the sharp contrast Sunrise lens. This is a new Over the Glasses goggle which allows wearers of prescription glasses to benefit from Bollé technologies. It has perfect airflow with the Flow-Tech system to avoid fog on your lens, double layer face foam, silicone strap, anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment for extreme comfort and superior vision.

bolle z5 otg sunrise lens ski goggles

Vintage Eighties Style

I love wearing stylish ski outfits even though they cost a lot. This year I am trending my own eighties take and redesigned my outfit. By sewing big junky braces to my ski trousers. The quality of both individual skiwear was in excellent condition. But the look was dated. I am all about saving our environment regarding recycling clothes. Plus I know that there will be no other person on that slope with an outfit like mine. The Bolle neck warmer just completes my look and serves its purpose.

Share your ski style today on my social media. Remember to wear a helmet and have extreme fun.

Bolle Helmet – Juliet Anna Veith Signature SeriesBolle Helmet – Juliet Anna Veith Signature SeriesBolle Helmet – Juliet Anna Veith Signature Series

gracie opulanza bolle headband vintage ski wear