I met luxury knitwear designer, Mihaela Markovic at London Fashion Week in September.  I do have a gift of spotting talented fashion designers. Therefore it came to know surprise to receive and e-mail from Mihaela, explaining that Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović who is the President for Croatia chose to wear one of her knitwear cardigans.  What a fabulous recognition to have one of the most powerful and influential women in Crotia, showcasing your knitwear. The feeling that Mihaela, experienced seeing her design, worn which she created from everything that she is and that she feels when working these luxury handmade knitwear work of art. Is why I know she will be very successful.


Clothes That My Mother Wore

Mihaela explains that the actual knitwear worn by the President, goes way back to her mother/daughter relationship.  It is the first relationship any human being creates, already in the womb. Looking at the family photographs, we also tend to forget/put away the bad memories, the fall-outs we might have had, and become nostalgic. Therefore the whole concept started revolving around the exploration of these opposites, the contrasts, open/closed structures, translucent vs.heavy weight fabrics and patterns.

Clothes That My Mother Wore is a collection of fashion knitwear pieces destined to be passed into family heirloom and shared, loved and taken care of. These are the clothes we find our refuge in, the clothes we make emotional connections with and clothes that outlive us in the end.


Mihaela Markovic explained,

“It’s been going on for a few months, I gave Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović a few pieces as a gift.  She obviously recognized the potential and the quality and so she finally wore it.”

kolinda-grabar-kitarovic-crotia-president-wearing-knitwear-by-mihaela-markovic kolinda-grabar-kitarovic-crotia-president-2016

Knitwear is an opulent lifestyle way of fashion. it’s clothes that you could not ever rent.

kolinda-grabar-kitarovic-crotia-president-wearing-knitwear-by-mihaela-markovic-jpg-f kolinda-grabar-kitarovic-crotia-president-wearing-knitwear-by-mihaela-markovic-jpg-3 kolinda-grabar-kitarovic-crotia-president-wearing-knitwear-by-mihaela-markovic-jpg-1

Remus Uomo

I was in Belfast attending an exclusive Gala Ball. I was so delighted to have Mihaela make me these fabulous knitwear pieces. I received an overwhelming amount of comments, that night and I certainly stood out at this Gala Ball. I wore the bottle green knot skirt, it’s just trully stunning I love how Mihaela works her designs, showcasing geometric pattern cutting. This green bottle knit skirt is going, to be a timeless trend for 2017. Knitted textiles has long been lurking in the background for many years. But thanks to Mihaela’s, innovative and creative knitwear designs. I am excited to see where the 2017 collection will be worn and trending.

For me a President like Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović choosing to wear Mihaela Markovic knitwear, is a celebration of what is to come.

Buy the collection here.


mihaela-markovic-knitwear-2017-collection-2 mihaela-markovic-knitwear-2017-collection-1