I have had some bad Prada manufacturing quality experiences and this is why my confidence in this brand has been crushed. Why would a luxury brand, make me feel so deflated as a customer? Why did my Prada leather jacket fall apart at the seams, after wearing it only for ten minutes? Who should pay the price in repairing it?

I come from an Italian background and I have always dreamt of wearing Prada. I could not afford it for a long time. So when I bought my first ever Prada shoes, I was crying when I lost them a few months later. This is how much I loved the brand over the years.

Prada Manufacturing Quality - Crushed Confidence In The Brand

After 10min wearing it for the first time it tore at the seams

Prada Delivery After Three Months Watch The Video

Got a knock on the door on the 3rd of March 2017,  saying I have a delivery from Prada. I had to pay £42. 60 for the jacket and had no idea, if it had been repaired. On the invoice, Prada said the jacket was worth £500. Watch the video to see the end result.

Prada Manufacturing Quality - Crushed Confidence In The Brand Prada Manufacturing Quality - Crushed Confidence In The Brand


Luxury Brands – Why Did I Cry When I Lost My PRADA Shoes?

Way back in December 2015, I wrote an article wearing my new PRADA wool jacket. The buttons fell off within the hour, I felt embarrassed wearing it. Returning back to the shop I was told I had to pay for that repair, which even felt more embarrassing that my favourite brand could not own up to it.

Luxury Fashion Brands – Does Money Buy Quality?

Torn And Ruined After Ten Minutes

I was still faithful to Prada and I bought a brand new leather jacket. I was creating my first luxury week experience in London for MenStyeFashion and I was staying in one of the most luxurious penthouses in London, the Grosvenor House Suites by Jumeirah in London Mayfair. I wanted to look great and I wanted my outfit to match the surroundings. I was let down again and after wearing it for 10 minutes my jacket tore at the seam. I was gutted and embarrassed in front of my whole production team.

Manufacturing Italy

What on earth is going on in the manufacturing of Prada in Italy?  My experiences with my last two purchases with Prada, has crushed my confidence in the brand. All those years faithfully dreaming about this brand, has left me right now never ever wanting to deal with them again. Their products have let me down and their customer care after a purchase, which is controlled in Italy, is the worse I have experienced ever.

Dear Ms Gracie,

I hope this email finds you well.
Please be informed that the jacket we sent to the Italian lab is back to the UK and ready for collection.
The technicians carefully performed the usual quality control: they have stated that the claimed problem is not the result of wrong manufacturing procedures, nor faulty materials but it has been caused by the ordinary wear and tear.
Unfortunately, nothing could be done in order to repair the item.
We are very sorry not to be able to help you more in this case.
Should you need more assistance please do not hesitate to contact me back.

Thank you.

Warm regards,

Prada Manufacturing Quality - Crushed Confidence In The Brand

Prada Manufacturing Quality - Crushed Confidence In The Brand

As for the technician’s assessment, I own many leather jackets and I have never seen or experienced anything like it. A tear at the seam, to me, is very clear, it was not stitched properly in the first place. This can happen to any luxury brand. So why I am now the victim who is left without a replacement jacket? It’s so badly torn, you would have to replace the whole jacket.

I performed the quality control by wearing it and after 10 minutes, it clearly showed that this Prada, leather jacket was not sewn properly.

Prada London – We have To be Very Careful

Let me make one thing clear, my intention here was to get it repaired. I love this jacket and it is the reason why I bought it. I stated very clearly I did not want a refund. I said I was shocked at what happened after 10 minutes of wearing this brand new Prada leather jacket that it could tear. The Prada assistant, asked for the manager to step in, I knew this was going to another level. I would have acted the same. Yes the jacket was clearly that bad.

I could tell instantly by the reactions of the staff and the manager at Prada in London, when I showed them my jacket, that this was not going to be easy. I could feel their fear from the moment I presented the jacket. They had obviously been here many times before. They communicated that dealing with Prada in Italy is a skill in itself. They had to present my story very carefully, in order for my case to be considered, let alone that I was telling the truth.

Now I come from an Italian background and I know this culture very, very well. The Italians, when it comes to customer service after purchase can be the most disheartening experiences you will ever go through. But as a global luxury brand such as Prada, I would never ever expected to go through what I am about to share.

Prada Italy – The Real Devils Wearing Prada

Why would the staff have to recreate a story from my actual experience? It literally tore at the seam after 10 minutes of wearing it the end of story! It is what it is, right? Not so when it comes to dealing with Prada manufacturing Italy. They seem to be a very fear inputting company. Prada Italy, clearly in my case, did not want to be held responsible or admit wrongdoing, let alone admit to poor quality control. I mean it’s Prada after all! It could never ever be a manufacturing problem.

Prada Manufacturing Is Fear Driven

For me, what shocked the hell out of my experience. Was the fear the staff members and the manager had on their face. Who is the Devil wearing Prada in this case? Why would the Prada staff London feel so threatened by my story? I can only conclude this all comes down to Prada manufacturing in Italy. For me, this is very unfair on the customer and staff working for Prada.

Why would they make you as a customer feel so uncomfortable in presenting cases like this? I think as a Prada customer you need to be made aware when you buy Prada items, that the after care is where their biggest challenges are to be faced.

Social Media Your Prada Jacket

I would highly suggest any Prada items purchase anywhere in the world. For you as a customer to keep the receipt. Damn. that’s where I have gone wrong.  Instagram your jackets, Pinterest your experience, tweet out your style. And the video you wearing it and most of all, whatever you do. Don’t, bloody tear your jacket apart.

Well, Whose Problem Is It Then?

This is a costly lesson to endure. Both in time, money and reputation. For me I buy luxury items, to show off and buy into the brand for the feel-good factor. After dealing with Prada and its aftercare service. I feel deflated and ripped off. I feel I am the victim who was clearly told a lie. By the technician’s conclusions,  and I do ponder if they ever did product test the jacket. I was not there to see it. In fact, how are we as customers, to know that Prada manufacturing are really testing the faulty items.
I now have to take the time to go and pick up the jacket in London. I don’t have images of the jacket, which I am kicking myself over. I have asked if the jacket could be returned to me in Europe. I very much doubt that will happen either?
The Devil wears Prada, no more. Shame really. I loved that movie, up until wearing Prada.

Have you had bad quality or customer service experiences with luxury brands please leave them at the comment box below?