As a CEO over the last few years, I have learnt the art to get the maximum suitcase space whilst on a work trip. A business trip calls for some serious packing skills. For me due to my lifestyle and access to luxury travel.  I have to decide how to pack for meetings, after-hours drinks and including all my technical equipment for filming, photography and some epic serious charging cables.


Fold It Up

The art of folding up is a skill in itself. So I make sure I place all clothing on one hanger inside a suit bag. Then the bag is folded twice only in my case. So when I arrive, its simply unfold, unzip and hang.



Pouches are my lifesaver for electrics, toiletries and sundries. I opt for outdoor brands as the case dividers are robust and the zips are excellent.


Hand Luggage

This is like choosing a pair of shoes. But for me it has to have a zip outside for easy access to my passport and ticket. Cases that have extended zips, so you can add more are a cheeky way to create more space.


Still By Lulu Guinness – I have the suitcase


Black And Brown

These are colours that look great and where my capsule wardrobe separates work together tonally. I can create multiple outfits from minimal pieces. Wrap silk dresses are amazing and very lite. They work a treat both day and night.


Smart Jackets

I always wear two jackets on the plane for saving flight space. I tie the second one which is normally thinner, around my neck. Very Italian thing to do. I never wear clothes on the plane where the outfits can get dirty or ruined. What I wear is leather as it’s easy to clean if it gets dirty. Looks very chic and if it does end up filthy. I use leather cleaner to sort it out. Hotels always have leather cleaner, or dedicated shoe-shining services,  just ask to borrow proper cleaning materials.


The Bomber Jacket Dress

Shangri-La at The Shard Hotel MenStyleFashion Luxury Week London Bentley 2015 (13)

New in stores is the oversize unisex bomber dress. Works well with leggings, jeans or in case it’s hot nothing at all. I chose silk which is perfect for hotter climates. I wear dark blue add some pearls and its travel chic.


Very simple wears it all. Pearls are so versatile and choose an expensive watch. It can get you a flight upgrade if you’re travelling alone. So make sure you flaunt it whilst checking in.




Keshi in diamond settings

Keshi in diamond settings

Boots & Foldable Pump

Very challenging, but I have mastered this to a T. Expensive knee-high leather boots. They team up with anything. I opt normally for dark, brown, dark blue or black. My bling foldable pumps in different colours are just amazing for dining out. If trainers are your thing. I wear my leather trainers, you can run in them, travel in them and they turn heads every single time.

Leather boots made in Italy

Leather boots made in Italy

Make sure you treat your zoom meetings as face to face business attire.



  • Leather Backpacks

Most airlines, you can carry an extra suitcase for your laptop and anything electronic. I always opt for a leather backpack. They look smart and perfect for business. Have a safe flight.