I grew up in Australia and I was always in the water. I had three options to swim in,  a natural river bed, a 50-meter swimming pool and a huge ocean to play in. From a very young age, it was important that I learnt to swim. I grew up on a farm, so having many damns around was very dangerous if you did not know how to swim. Water was most of the time very fun to be in. However, those waves and strong currents whilst swimming the ocean could be fatal too.

Two Peice Connected Swmiwear

Two-Piece Connected Swimwear


Beach Style

From an early age, I always asked for good expensive swimwear. Looking back I only owned one pair during the whole summer season. You can imagine the state of my swimwear once summer was over. I would always opt for white swimwear because I have olive skin and it looked great on me. I was a huge lover of Elle Macpherson called, The Body. She was such an inspiration for women to invest in good swimwear. Elle also being Australian, harped on about eating well and drinking lots of water. She would also talk about, body scrubs to make your body look, tanned and shiny. I use to laugh at this because my Australian fare skinned, mates tried to copy her. But if you don’t have olive skin then you are not going to get the same effect. So on this occasion, I was always a hit. I did work out a lot and swam and my figure showcased this. So when it comes to swimwear, I am an expert when it comes to identifying quality swimwear and showcasing it in the world of luxury.

The following shots were taken at Alila Seminyak. I have to say the swimwear just look stunning at any location.

Alila Seminyak Bali

Alila Seminyak Bali

freeze-frame-fashion-swimwear-3 freeze-frame-fashion-swimwear-4Alila Seminyak Bali

Alila Seminyak Bali


WR etreat Bali Seminyak

I stayed at the W Retreat Bali Resort for MenStyleFashion, reviewing this fabulous location. With so much access to fabulous interior design. I felt so confident walking throughout the resort every showcasing the collection. I felt very confident walking through the bars or shopping at their boutiques. In fact, I got gifted some very rare pearls and at the time, I was wearing Freeze Frame sequin dress in orange. Goes to show what swimwear can do if it is designed well.

Freeze Frame Fashion WBali Retreat Seminyak WHotel (2)

In the toilets, there was this fabulous sink and I had to create my own take of marketing the swimwear, which looked stunning in here. That is what I love about marketing, up and coming designers that I believe in, that is the challenge. How can you get the brand unique exposure, on-line and get people to be inspired to purchase?

Freeze Frame Fashion WBali Retreat Seminyak WHotel (10)Freeze Frame Fashion WBali Seminyak WhotelFreeze Frame Fashion WBali Retreat Seminyak WHotel (3)Light in the room of the WHotel Bali

Light in the room of the W Hotel Bali

Freeze Frame Fashion – Retro Punk

Whilst at Malta Fashion Week, I met swimwear designer Natasha, but before I was introduced to her I saw the catwalk, where she was launching her new collection. The way the models looked, the music but more so the swimwear design, reminded me of Australia. Now I did not know Natasha was Australian but thanks to her partner in crime, Ray, I finally was introduced to her. So here I am in Bali reviewing 5 Star Resorts. What a perfect way to showcase and review Freeze Frame Fashion collection. For me, the swimwear material in lots of cases can vary. Over the years there are some nasty fabrics created out there.

With Freeze Frame Fashion and Natasha’s wealth of history, I can instantly see that she understands quality at an affordable price. This is not the case with most swimwear collections out there. Nothing worse putting on swimwear and it just feels awful and to top it off the elastic does not function in the way it should. You jump in the pool, let alone through those waves and before you know it. Everything has come off or exposing your personal bits. You are fretting over every move whilst trying to relax in the water. When it comes to exit time, well that is a mission on its own.



Bali Indonesia

I am in Bali for three weeks and it is damn hot out here. There is one outfit that everyone wears even when having a drink at the bar,  swimwear. So it is important for me to look good out here and set some examples of good functional swimwear. I swam with the swimwear, in the pool and jumped through the waves of Bali. Trust me the waves and water current out here can be very tricky. I walked on the beach and also had a flower bath in the swimwear too. From the moment I put them on they looked great, not cheap, the fabric thickness is excellent and they function very well.

Now I don’t have the figure I had way back in my twenties and am not feeling that confident in bikinis lately. But I have to say thanks to Freeze Frame Fashion, it has restored my confidence in wearing fabulous bikinis. It has also inspired me to get this body back into shape. I had a look at Elle Macpherson who at 50 years of age, she looks amazing. So there is no reason why I can’t get my toned body back.


Komenaka Samara Ubud MenStyleFashion Indonesia Ubud 2016 (15)

These shots were taken in Ubud at a luxury resort called Komaneka. Once again I want to inspire women to buy the product and what a gorgeous way to entice you too.

Sequin Covers

In Bali, it can be a real hit and miss when it comes to showcasing your swimwear and what you are wearing over it. I normally opt for a dress over my swimwear in where you can’t see the swimwear. Thanks to Freeze Frame Fashion, I have for the first time in my life exposed my swimwear with these stunning covers. I walk to the spa in them, I dine in them, I have a drink in them. Go shopping in them at beach stores. Especially in the world of luxury, I need to set a good example. The great thing is if you are not confident with your body. These sequin dresses cover everything and look fabulous at the same time.

Freeze Frame Fashion Wretreathotel Bali seminyak gracie opulanza (2)

W Retreat Hotel Bali Seminyak

freeze-frame-fashion-swimwear-gracie-opulanzaFreeze Frame Fashion Gracie Opulanza. Bali Candidasa (6)

Sea Breeze Resort Candidasa

Invest In Your Swimwear

It is important at any age that your wear swimwear makes you feel good and gives you confidence that when you’re actually swimming it functions.  For me Freeze Frame Fashion is a collection that I am proud to support. Body confidence right now, no matter what size you are allows you to showcase who you are on the beach, at the spa let alone at the pool. I tread water mainly in the pool as it is a perfect way to tone up. So I rarely put my head underwater. So Freeze Frame Fashion is the perfect swimwear to use when you are working out in that pool too. Thanks, Freeze Frame Fashion and Natasha, for making me look so fabulous out here in Bali. The swimwear quality is amazing and everyone I showed the pieces too just thought they were fabulous.

Freeze Frame Fashion Gracie Opulanza. Bali Candidasa (7)Freeze Frame Fashion Gracie Opulanza. Bali Candidasa (8)