When it comes to matching the style of the iconic Bentley Continental GTC Speed, fashion enthusiasts often opt for a custom-made satin dress. In this case, haute couture designer Angela Facchini based in Rome sourced a unique vintage fabric from Italy, resulting in a stunning dress weighing 3kg. The dress not only looks incredible but also feels exquisite to wear.

As one of the few female owners of a men’s magazine called MenStyleFashion.com, I find it essential to carve my own path, just like an eagle soaring alone.

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Benheart Italy leather mustard jacket Gracie Opulanza Bentley Continental GTC Speed

Design Specifications

As an animated personality, I desired a dress that offered both high quality and freedom of movement. Additionally, it was crucial for the dress to have pockets so I could securely store my 340,000 euro Bentley keys. I also appreciate the ability to casually place my hands in my pockets, effortlessly enhancing my overall appearance. The dress includes a belt for a polished finishing touch, and it can also be paired with other straps for added versatility.

Gracie Opulanza Bentley GTC continent

Buttons Or No Buttons

Square buttons can be a source of conflicting emotions for me because I have a fondness for wearing multiple pieces of jewelry. While some may believe that less is more, this minimalist approach does not align with my personal style. I am not the type to adhere to the standards set by editorial Vogue, as those perfect edits can make any woman, except for supermodels, feel inadequate when trying to strike a pose. Thankfully, Tik Tok has provided a solution to this issue.

Gracie Opulanza Bentley GTC continent

Social media marketing is a great way to express personal style and a carefree attitude. It offers the freedom to present oneself however desired. The intricate tailoring on my breasts was truly stunning, although it was somewhat overshadowed by the abundance of jewelry adorning them.

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Hotel Reviews Cotswolds England

The Cotswolds in England is a highly sought-after location for wealthy individuals, including celebrities. In this area, women often embrace fashion trends such as hunter boots, tweed blazers, and fitted leggings. Despite this, I personally prefer a different style of clothing when I am in the United Kingdom’s countryside.

During my stay at Cotswold House Hotel & Spa in Chipping Campden, I noticed that the dress I was wearing perfectly complemented the vintage atmosphere of the affluent village. The green dress stood out among the cars in the area. So did my two British-made cars.

In total, the value of the cars under my responsibility exceeds half a million euros. I thoroughly tested this green satin dress to ensure it meets my needs. When ordering a custom-made dress, it is important for it to align with my lifestyle and the fast-paced nature of my job, which involves reviewing cars and hotels simultaneously. The Bentley Continental GTC Speed Convertible and the  Aston Martin Vantage Roadster.

Gracie Opulanza Bentley GTC continent Aston martin


Benheart Italy Leather Mustard Jacket

I decided to team the dress with Benheart Italy

In Florence, Tuscany, there is a skilled leather expert who specializes in crafting jackets. One particular dress designed by this expert was so versatile that it was mistaken for a skirt by many people. This garment offers great value for its price, meeting all expectations. The exceptional tailoring work done by Angela demonstrates that quality comes at a cost. Similarly, Benheart Italy, the creator of this exclusive leather jacket, follows the same principle. Furthermore, the Bentley car mentioned is customized to the owner’s preferences, much like the experience of ordering bespoke haute couture. The Bentley GTC is a custom-made car tailored to the customer’s request. It is Haute Couture on Wheels.

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Why Wear Vintage Satin

The satin green dress was designed with a focus on movement and practicality. It allows for easy mobility, making it convenient to drive or arrange flowers whenever necessary. As part of my fashion experiment, I paired the dress with vintage Prada square-toe shoes. While I wasn’t completely certain about the combination, this is all part of the artistic process of exploring different clothing combinations.

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Custom Made Lifestyle

When ordering a dress that suits you, it is important to clarify your preferences and requirements. In my case, I prioritized a dress that offered both comfort and versatility, allowing me to easily move and wear it throughout the day. Additionally, I needed a dress that would enable me to drive comfortably. The satin vintage green dress I chose not only meets all these criteria, but is also durable enough to last a lifetime and can be worn repeatedly. This makes it a worthwhile investment.

At the age of fifty, I reflect on what holds importance to me. I firmly believe that ordering custom-made items is a truly indulgent gift for any woman.

As we grow older, time becomes a precious commodity. It’s important to embrace each day and express yourself freely through your choice of clothing. Remember, life is full of opportunities waiting to be seized.

Gracie Opulanza wallpaper Cotswolds Hotel Spa Chipping Cameden Bespoke Dress (9)

As I ponder at the age of fifty what is important to me. I know that ordering bespoke items is truly a pampering gift to any woman.

Gracie Opulanza wallpaper Cotswolds Hotel Spa Chipping Cameden Bespoke Dress (9)

At my age time is not on my side anymore. So live each day as it comes and team your dress with anything you want. Life is there for the taking after all.

Gracie Opulanza wallpaper Cotswolds Hotel Spa Chipping Cameden Bespoke Dress (9)