Do women buy cars through adverts of other women sitting in a car let alone on a bonnet? Why has Bentley Motors chosen New York Fashion week to market the Flying Spur hybrid car? Interesting they chose an Asian influencer to do so. I have been in Asia for several months and have seen plenty of Bentley’s chauffering both men and women for shopping and business. The reason Bentley has chosen a fashion week to market the hybrid is to show their movement towards sustainability and inclusivity.

To also sell the story of bespoke fashion and a Bentley go hand in hand. Asian women love European brands and it’s one non-stop runway at any fashion mall in Thailand, Vietnam let alone China or Japan.

Would this entice you as a woman to buy a Bentley full stop? Women buy into the storytelling of luxury cars along side the fashion and lifestyle.

It certainly entices a woman to look the part of a luxurious lifestyle of pure indulgence. That is the whole point of this advert, noticed she is not driving it, but been taken around to be seen in it. As I have said many times before the Bentley brand is haute couture on wheels.

The stitching used is an immense amount of skill and cotton for one car alone.

Bentley Motors Flying Spur New York Fashion Week (2)

Since 2015 I have been marketing luxury cars through lifestyle and fashion marketing. Owning allows me to market luxury cars in a male magazine and not many influencers ever run two magazines alongside each other. This is my niche, this is why I am cut from a different cloth. I have always pioneered cars through hotel reviews and using small designers to get their brands noticed through my car reviews.

Benheart leather jacket Gracie Opulanza


I also noticed in the same week Lexus which is another car brand I work with used a woman to promote their latest SUV. I very much was delighted to see they put her in a lifestyle setting too. This time Lexus teamed up with a musician called Joy Crookes to promote UX 250h hybrid electric SUV. I reviewed the Lexus N450h Phev in November 2022.  Lexus like my reviews chose a luxury lifestyle setting for marketing the car. For me, unless I read who she was, I find unusual as she is a musician.

The new Lexus UX 250h SUV The new Lexus UX 250h SUV The new Lexus UX 250h SUV

This is my Lexus review images over the years. I am promoting my red leather bespoke bag, hand-knitted wool dress and knee-high leather canvas boots. I find Lexus looks amazing when I choose to trend red.

exus NX450h Phev F Sport Prem Pack Sun Sonic Grey Gracie Opulanza

I called this review for Lexus, Coco Chanel on wheels as it was an elegant satin red car. My lifestyle story was all about red and its access to exclusivity. Many women love Lexus but are very unfamiliar with the car company. This is why i love the brand when driving in the UK, as I don’t see many at all especially in the SUV market which is very saturated market for cars.


Lexus-LC500-Swinton-Estate-Gracie-Opulanza-Helicopter Lexus-LC500-Swinton-Estate-Gracie-Opulanza-Helicopter Lexus-LC500-V8-MenStyleFashion-2019-review-Satinred-3

Bentley Continental GTC Convertible

Do women buy into cars or do they buy into the sale of what that car image is giving out? For women, it is all about being safe and for other women like me it’s all about the access the car get’s. I always get into places that are fully booked or very exclusive when I drive a Bentley.  When anyone turns up in a Bentley, it’s a clear message of I have money.

Why have Bentley Motors given me cars to review since 2015? Last November I drove the Bentley Continental GTC convertible around the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire then to posh Bath.

Bentley Motors Flying Spur New York Fashion Week (3)

This is for New York Fashion Week. Why use an Asian model? many Asians have moved to New York from Hong Kong due to the sad conflict. Also, Asians are all about showing off their designer wealth. Bentley is all about showing off your wealth and bespoke brands.

The art of selling pristine images makes sense, at any fashion week. When I review cars I am all about showcasing my personal style and also encouraging women to be the driver when they head to a luxury hotel. My green dress below is vintage fabric and was made for me in Rome. So I am selling the concept of bespoke wearing in a bespoke car in my bespoke tailored-made lifestyle. This is my fashion week.

Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (5)

The Benheart Italy leather jacket made in Tuscany is a limited edition leather. Like the Bentley, my limited edition jacket is cut from the highest quality leather. Nothing I wear is random I am selling the haute couture lifestyle. Have you ever seen a mustard leather jacket? I am a trend setter and mustard for 2023 is rocking colour to embrace. The older you get the more colour one needs to command.

In the week I was driving around prestigious parts of Britain I never saw one Bentley, let alone a woman driving it. I am fifty, I want to be seen driving and wearing very niche items. That also includes my vintage Hermes scarf, which was a brand also loved by Queen Elizabeth whilst riding her horse.

Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (13)

Upcycling Embroidery Bespoke Denim

I chose to upcycle my Prada denim and got a one-off embroidery bespoke design on the cuffs. These are the first ever in the world. The embroidery message is of me marketing cars for many years. It’s my story, my life and my brand, Gracie Opulanza. When people order a Bentley they can create and ask for any embroidery stitching they want. So I could replicate this embroidery art on the dashboard of my Bentley.

Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (12)

Gracie Opulanza denim cuffs embroidery Continental GTC Speed Bentley (2)

Those limited edition trainers I am wearing are also from the Benheart brand, the perfect way to drive a very fast car. It’s called Bentley Speed for a reason. This is my fashion week, my runway, and my bespoke lifestyle. No one reviews cars as I do in the UK. There is a lot of preparation and tailoring to sell the car, the clothes and the bespoke lifestyle.

Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (10)

Most car journalists just talk about the car like Jeremey Clarkson, women don’t buy into tech talk alone regarding cars. I stay in my own car lane of marketing.

Leather Red Backpack

I am enticing women to create their own leather red backpacks, on this occasion, this is a one-off made for me. The leather in this Bentley also comes from Italy. just like all the tailored-made leather collections I am wearing. Designers for Bentley and designers for fashion are very much the same. You need vision, and skill at the highest level to create cars like this.

Benheart Italy Green dress Angela Facchini

Stetson Fedora Fur Felt Hat Black Gracie Opulanza entley Continental GTC Speed Convertible

Pioneering Luxury Lifestyle For Cars

It’s been a hard slow slog getting var brands to understand that when I review cars the story is about lifestyle, fashion and empowerment. What that car can get for me? Can it get me access to the best clothes or hotel reviews in the UK? What can this car sell me that no other car brand can. Lexus always turns heads for me when I am driving around Bath, let alone to a private school in Buckinghamshire.

Lexus and Bentley for 2023, are leading the way to capture a market for women. I have always left someone shocked that in a male-dominated world, we women are always excluded in car marketing.

Thanks to me that clearly has changed seeing these adverts. Create your own fashion week and red carpet, in fact, who says it has to be red after all?

Ferrari Roma Gracie Opulanza (6)