Kristina Goes West - Purse


What Am I Wearing

For the Savoy Wellchild event I’ve chosen a designer dress, necklace and clutch from an online boutique Kristina Goes West. Kristina Goes West is the first online boutique to bring high-end fashion from the most imaginative Nordic – Baltic region designers to UK and overseas customers. It offers limited edition pret-a-porter and handmade bespoke clothing, accessories and jewellery for women who are looking for something different.

The Nordic – Baltic (Scandinavia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Germany) region is becoming celebrated in fashion circles for its creativity and premium quality – along with its use of organic materials and ethical production techniques.

How To Wear It

When you marry the minimal shapes and contemporary looks from established and upcoming designers from the Nordic/Baltic region, it gives you a hotbed of fresh and exciting designs that you simply won’t find anywhere else. I like Kristina Goes West as here I can find original, high-quality items and choose from a hand-picked selection of pret-a-porter or bespoke collections. Each item I am wearing today has been ordered directly from the designers and delivered to me in nearly no time.


The dress is silver grey and white silk jersey gown made by an established Lithuanian womenswear designer, called Daili. This label’s ethereal designs have been recognised internationally and received acclaim from well-known fashion names such as John Rocha and Matthew Williamson. This dress is available on request only.

The response from this dress was overwhelming. In a nut shell from anyone from Will Smith to The Noisettes could not stop touching this dress. The commenting on this dress let alone tweeting it on their phones goes to show that this dress was unique in every way. I can’t explain how amazing the dress felt. On the dance floor I kid you not, Gracie Opulanza and the dress moved everyone into couture overdrive let alone envy. GO BUY THE DRESS.

Necklace – Sachara

This is the recommended one by an emerging Jewellery label by Justina. Designed using antique golden lace, gold plated antique details, coral and Fluorite stones, all set on dark orange and dark green velvet ribbon. Price £200. Available upon request.




The clutch was made by emerging designer MIMI.C  from its current S/S 13 collection ‘Yakuza’. Hand embroidered 3D flower decorations and patterns. Exclusively sold at Kristina Goes West and available up on request.

Kristina Goes West - green clutch bag

Kristina Goes West - Dress

The response from this dress is truly amazing.

Kristina Goes West - Dress


Kristina Goes West - Dress


Kristina Goes West - Dress


Kristina Goes West - Savoy London - WellChild

Image Credits: Maria Scard