Whilst I was in Amsterdam, I came across this vintage hat. I was told it was created in the 1920s. In my google research, I began to discover it’s meaning and origin. In Toelzer Leonhardifahrt in Upper Bavaria, Bad Toelz is a pilgrimage in honour of the cattle patron, the Holy Leonhard. The first authentic in Tolz found in 1772 instead of in its present form annually since 1856, usually on the 6th of November.

What’s mind-blowing about this date. Is that, I bought this costume hat on the 6th of November 2016. I had no idea why I bought it apart from it is just beautiful. The quality is priceless and the silver threads feel amazing. In pondering more, I do believe our purchases are a hidden message.

vintage-austrian-tiroler-1920s-hat-gracie-opulanza-5 vintage-austrian-tiroler-1920s-hat-gracie-opulanza-1 vintage-austrian-tiroler-1920s-hat-gracie-opulanza-4

Women’s Costume And Fashion

If we look at women’s costume and fashion history and analyse the mood of an era. Fashion plays a big influence. For me, I am coming into a new era. My access to luxury things and cultures is probably why I bought it. I am a lover of vintage because the quality is priceless. Therefore it can never ever be recreated. I love everything of high quality and skilled craftsmanship. My home life and political views are forced to be reassessed in 2017. One way I can communicate that is by what I wear and what I trend.

Clothing purchases should not be underestimated. Because it can and will contribute to lifestyle trends, which in turn influences the clothes I wear.  These are the changes that make any era of society special in relation to the study of the costume of a period. It is very clear, I am going through my own era of everything original, everything costume and everything that fashion does not represent today.

Lack of personal style.

In the 1920s was a period when milliners used their imagination to embrace aspects of dress from nations far and wide. Inspiration was sought from Egypt, China, Japan and Russia. This must also confirm the reason for the first time in my life, I chose to have henna done on my hand. There is a clear message here which is exciting. God is guiding me in a new trend-setting era of culture, lifestyle and predicting fashion. It’s my mood, it’s my era. Style can’t be bought you have to own it and trend fashion in the way that represents you.


1950’s Bally Shoes

To complete my new journey, over the last few weeks I have been hunting for a square silver toe shoe. They’re tucked away in another vintage store in Amsterdam were these classy divine one of a kind vintage pair of shoes. My 1950’s Bally shoes that just are such a statement.  You see with me I am one of a kind and in such a saturated market of clothing and shoes. God is guiding me to scout for things long forgotten.

bally-1950s-silver-vinatge-shoes-gracie-opulanza bally-1950s-vintage-silver-shoe-gracie-opulanza-1-2 bally-1950s-vintage-silver-shoe-gracie-opulanza-1-1