Over the years I have noticed Henna on Asian women. It always intrigued me why they chose to display such art on their hands. Well actually at first glance I thought it was a tattoo. Henna is a flowering plant and the sole species of the Lawsonia genus. When we talk about Henna we mainly see that the two colours used are brown or white lace.  It is mainly used for wedding celebrations in Asian countries.

I was never interested in having it done on my hands. But as fate happens, whilst at the World Travel Market, I was visiting the Indonesia camp. A gentle guy who calls himself, Akbar Henna asked me if I would like my hands painted. I soon discovered that Akbar Henna, was so talented he was flown over by the Indonesian tourism board to showcase his talent and to promote, colourful henna.



Akbar Henna

Wonderful Indonesia Wonderful Indonesia

I never understood how powerful my hands were going to become until, Akbarhenna decided to create a new trend and break the tradition. He chose to use different colours and create what he called a fake diamond. Once my hands were completed after 25min. For me this Henna, was my new best friend. I had so many people glaring at my hands. It was a crowd stopper I assure you. That day I had to fly to Belfast for a celebration with Remus Uomo and at the same time drive a Jaguar. Once again the reactions at the airport, on the plane and at the event. Highlighted to me, that I was the women who was going to trend colourful henna for 2017.



I am a strong personality and don’t need empowering. But I have to say, my hands are big for a women and therefore choosing to have henna done is a new addition to my eccentric personality.

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