Today I was walking in Maastricht in Holland and for whatever reason Iris Apfel came to mind. To give you an understanding of my first ever written article way back in 2011 was about Iris. It was also the launch of me sharing my eccentric eyewear tips. About an hour later I spotted a tiny boutique called Antioch Sieraden, owned by Miep. Thanks to Miep, she gave me a very beautiful account of Angela Caputi.

Angela Caputi established her company in Florence in 1975.  All pieces are created by hand in the company’s Oltrarno workshop, using locally produced resin. The teamwork to detailed maps of the size, colour and number of beads per jewellery piece so that each is a one-of-a-kind creation. Her designs are very distinctive, she likes to mix materials, creating unique combinations of colours and textures. The result is incredible coloured, original jewellery, made in plastic and synthetic materials.  She is one of the most recognised names in the field of high-end costume jewellery. Miep told me that Ms Caputi still sits for hours making the jewellery with her team.


Earlobes – Are Ugly When You’re Old

Miep, explained Angela Caputi, created the clip-on earrings because elderly women’s earlobes are not attractive. Therefore the designer’s idea was to create statement pieces earrings to hide elderly women’s earlobes.  I tried on the earrings and unlike any other clip-on, they do not hurt at all. Miep, looked great wearing the earrings.

Meip loves Angela Caputi and is the only woman in Holland who sells the collections. I have never ever met a person who is so loyal to a brand. Miep is so faithful to this brand, she goes out of her way to stop other sellers trying to market the Angela Caputi brand without their permission. She is such an expert, she also showed my on-line how to spot the fake sellers.

If it was not for Miep, I would not have even tried on some of the collections let alone buy my ring

Oh, by the way, the Dutch Queen, Maxima wears Angela Caputi all the time including Iris Apfel. I just found that out today, thanks to Miep.


Gracie Opulanza 2014


Iris today and she is 95 years old

Artisanal Marketing

For me, women like Miep, who are loyal to a brand for many years such as Angela Caputi, are precious likes diamonds. Miep is a bona fide entrepreneur and just like Florence arguably the most vibrant in Holland.

If you’re in Maastricht make sure you go and visit Meip at Antioch Sieraden.