This is my first time I have been sponsored in by the Spanish Hairdresser called Llongueras. Llongueras is a very popular hair salon in Spain with a total of 16 branches. The staff in its Andorra branch are very confident in what they are doing. So it was nice to be part of what the locals respect here when it comes to hair styling and other beauty treatments.

The founder is called, Lluís Llongueras, and he is no ordinary hair stylist. He is a man that speaks many languages and is a lover of art and poetry. In the next two weeks I am reviewing 5 Star hotels and I am also heading to a very important three day business event in London. Along side that I am reviewing restaurants and attending an awards night for menswear in Belfast. To top it all off I will be reviewing, my first ever Jaguar car. So my hair has always been an important factor when it comes to my public image. My last colour and cut for me was disappointing and therefore I was keen to get it sorted out.


My hair when driving the Audi R8 before I entered, Llongueras – Perruqueria Hair Stylist

Andorra La Vella

I had my haircut and colour at the Andorra La Vella branch in Andorra. For those that don’t know Andorra this gorgeous place is situated in the Pyrenees and throughout the year many tourists visit these mountains including me. In the winter this place is great for skiing and this is where I spend a lot of times on the slopes. I also come here a lot for its tax free shopping, it is great place to stock up on fashion bargains.


The Final Colour & Cut. I love it

The Book of Hairstyles

I loved when the staff of the Andorra branch came over to me and gave me a book which had many examples of different cuts and colour options. It was like turning back time regarding old school hairdressing. I grew up in the eighties and I remembered going to the hairdresser and sifting through many magazines for hair options. Flicking through the book it also occurred to me that hairdressing is like fashion. Trends never change they just go in and out of fashion. I am not a trend follower so for me its important to understand what I am after. Travelling so much, my hair style needs to be kept simple. For me the right cut can make or break my public imagine.

Confident Hairstylist

I was greeted by the top hairstylist, called Marià Bone, who reminded me of Richard Gere. He was very confident in his approach. I chose my hair style and colour and was really excited. He took one look at my choices and said, “absolutely not”. His confidence was very appealing and he described why my choices would not work. With my permission he explained what we were going to do. Sometimes ladies you just got to go with the master. It also occurred to me that it had been almost two years since a guy cut my hair. I am going to trend that from now on too.

llongueras-hairdresser-andorra-gracie-opulanza-2016-10 llongueras-hairdresser-andorra-gracie-opulanza-2016-6

The Experience

The salon was very busy and it had a great atmosphere. The age range of clients varied from young and old which was a good sign. The salon looked modern and was very clean and everyone was just doing their own thing. In Andorra there are three languages spoken Catalan, Spanish and French. As for English well over the years they have improved. So here is the top stylist, explaining the end result.


Health & Beauty of Hands And Feet

My nails were in such a mess because I had nail gel done in Bali, Indonesia. So I needed to give them a rest and strengthen the nails again. They were also very short, I thought how could they possibly make them look presentable again. But with some detailed nail therapy and manicure with a gloss finish, they looked great. This was perfect timing for my two weeks of luxury reviews ahead.

llongueras-hairdresser-andorra-gracie-opulanza-2016-7 llongueras-hairdresser-andorra-gracie-opulanza-2016-8

Make Up – Black Mascara & Eyeliner

This was very unexpected. I thought they were going to wax my eyebrows but after my hair was done, Sonia from Portugal did my makeup. She was very confident and I loved the simplicity of what she did. I have not had my make up done by someone else for two years and it was nice to have a professional take control. Over the last few months I have opted not to wear make-up at all. This is because I have excellent skin and it’s just how I feel at the moment. But after having my make-up done and seeing how much black eyeliner was used. I have decided to trend that eighties black, thick over the top mascara and eyeliner. Just one problem, I need to go and buy some. They did a great job and over the next two weeks I will keep adding images of my style to this article.

llongueras-hairdresser-andorra-gracie-opulanza-2016-5 llongueras-hairdresser-andorra-gracie-opulanza-2016-1 llongueras-hairdresser-andorra-gracie-opulanza-2016-4


  • Address: Prat de la Creu 36, Andorra La Vella, Andorra
  • Phone: +376 827 164
  • Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 9.30h till 18.30h, Saturday 9.30 till 17:00, closed Mondays
  • Website: