I come from an Italian background and when it comes to Prada I’ve always been very fond of this brand. This brand since 2012 has reinvented itself. Its eyewear is very classy indeed and Prada was one of the first brands to produce very eccentric sunglasses. Its marketing campaigns since 2012 have captured the essence of the modern woman with a vintage-inspired style. Prada has really thought about accessories that are stylish, very feminine and practical. Prada’s squared toe platforms were trending last year, and best of all at an affordable price.


Prada 100%Wool

Two months ago, I bought this Prada coat. It is from a collection way back in 2013, but for me, I don’t buy in seasons because I like to play with my own personal style. The increase in high profile events like London Luxury Week and others allow me to explore my personal style and I let my followers express their opinions about me regarding what I wear.

Therefore this Prada jacket I am wearing has to fit my personality and my quality standards. I love promoting wool and its clever uses explained by expert Robert Langtry from The Woolmark Company Australia. In 2016, as you will find out, I am going to wear two colours that have not trended for years. Regarding eye-wear, it is nice to see other eye-wear lovers doing an article on my glasses. Appreciating since 2012 the hard work of seeking eyewear that no other fashion entrepreneur such as myself has marketed for a few years now. Mark my words I will in time create my own collection.


My Prada 100% wool jacket.

Prada Wool Uniform

This dress reminds me of my school uniform and when I wore it at London Fashion Week backstage the reactions were overwhelming by both men and women. It’s a simple classic look and once again, it is 100% wool, and it is heavy as hell. But I have always been a fan of high-quality fabrics and quirky cuts when it comes to my personal style. There are classic items within my wardrobe that I will treasure forever. The necklace I am wearing is a leather vintage item over 50 years old. I teamed the whole look with my orange Bimba & Lola travel case.

gracie Opulanza London Fashion Week 2015 wearing Prada dress

Prada Shoes

I have bought some Prada shoes recently which were from the 2012 collection which features styles from the sixties. Very comfortable and the quality of the leather looks and feels amazing. For me, I will rarely wear anything that is not leather, silk or wool. Avante Garde is coming back strong and I will make sure I am part of that legacy.