In December I held my first ever event for MenStyleFashion, called Luxury Week London. I have worked so hard in the last three years for this moment, and it was a dream come true. I wanted to look great and decided to wear my favourite brands. I decided to stick to what I know and what I thought I could trust. What I was going to wear during Luxury Week London had to look impressive and it had to prove that I am a woman who wears luxurious quality. It could not let me down, it could not embarrass me and it should look great for a week full of events.

Gracie Opulanza The Shard London

What Has Happened To Quality Control

In my upbringing I was taught various ways to look for quality within a fabric, let alone in the stitching to ensure that what I bought and paid for is what I got. Sadly, some luxury brands have to rethink a little when it comes to price versus quality control. Some brands like the two I am about to name and shame seriously have to rethink about quality control. It is not fair on the customer who has worked hard to buy these items to be let down in less than 72 hours of wearing the items.


Prada – You Let Me Down

I bought two jackets form Prada; they were brand new and never worn. The first one was this gorgeous wool Prada jacket. But on the second day, the button fell off and more embarrassing at The Shard London in front of five people greeting me, the second button fell off.

For me a jacket worth £1800 should last the test of time and indeed more than three days. It may be minor but it cost me a lot of hassle and money to repair it as it was part of the photo shoot for the day. In fact it was never worn at The Shard London because it was in repair.


Prada – The Penthouse Leather Jacket

I was so excited to wear this brand new mint leather jacket. To my disgust, after ten minutes wearing it, it tore at the seams. I mean Prada, are you having a laugh? There was my top photographer waiting to do a photo shoot at a gorgeous penthouse in Mayfair. A shoot where yet again, my Prada jacket was not used. I threw it in my cupboard in outrage because in one week Prada let me down and now I have lost all respect for Prada. This Leather jacket originally retailed at £1700.

Marc Jacobs – You Gotta Own It

My goodness, everyone harps on about Marc Jacobs, so I decided to purchase my first ever pair of trainers from Marc Jacobs. Three days into Luxury week London, the trainer was broken. For you it may not seem much but the plastic on the trainer which I adored just broke. It is part of the shoe design and for a whopping £270, I would expect a better quality and for it to last more than three days. I have bought other Marc Jacobs clothing and I am too scared to even wear it in public. Especially with the other up and coming events in 2016.


Price Does Not Mean Quality

More and more I am convinced that there is no correlation between price and quality when it comes to fashion. In 2016 what you pay for is not what you get when it comes to quality. In the world of fashion, the utter marketing that goes on brainwashing you to buy into top brands for me is being diluted because the brands themselves have lost what I call quality control.


Prada and Marc Jacobs sort it out.

Share Your Experience

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