Bride running in trainers

Make sure you run your own race in your own style

I am not a fan of running at all but for me clothes motivate me. I just don’t know why. So I figure if I am going to run, then I might as well run in style. The more I encounter top sportsman the more I think I need to prove a point. That no matter where you are, funky up your sports wear. For me sports fashion is expensive. Most of the time it’s not my style at all. So I like to mix sports wear with everyday wear. The reason being when I run I want to be seen as Ms Funky running. If I am going to all that effort then I want to be seen. Damn I’m an extrovert at heart.

Nike and Tabio

Trainers are so bright at the moment but the key thing is to make sure they suit your foot, feel right and you can actually run in them. The ones I own are amazing and I feel like I can jump as high as kangaroo. It takes time to find your right running brand, so make sure you are in the right frame of mind before you buy. When you try your trainers on, as daft as you may look, run around the shop. It’s always a crowd puller trust me. Don’t let them boss you about let alone rush your decision. Don’t go for ones on sale because they are on sale. Just choose what feels right. At the end of the day unless you’re a professional athlete, trainers do last a long time.

As for socks I adore the brand Tabio. And sports socks are just ugly. If you want to use sports socks then add sparkly lace ankle bands to give it and edgy, girly look. They also have quirky running shoes socks as well.

Tabio running race socks

Tabio sparkly lace ankle bands

Tennis Dress Sports Cardigans And Leggings

For me tennis players lead the way when it comes to sports fashion. I adore every season what the girls come out with on court. So hey I figure, well why not run in the dress itself? The technology within the materials is perfect for anyone getting hot and sweaty. I am currently running in Ellesse and I tell you I feel like I can run a marathon. I team it with a sports cardigan for those winter mornings. On occasion I do play tennis.

I hate sports leggings they are boring,overpriced and don’t suit me. So I go for a label called Calzedonia. I don’t know what they put in those leggings but they seem to last ages. For me I go for black with either a metal print or in this case worn and torn effect. People always ask me where I get my sports leggings from. I like how they think they are made for sport. At the end of the day leggings are flexible and you can do what ever you like in them.

Gracie Opulanza - Ellesse sports cardigan


Gracie Opulanza Nike shoes, calzedonia leggings and Ellesse cardigan

T-shirts Everything But A Sports T-shirt

You know me, I am a wannabe rock star. So what the hell. When I am running I let my imagination run wild with my skull, bling T-shirt. For me, I rock in it and if nothing else I get odd looks. Life is too short so just wear what makes you feel fast.

Skullhead T-Shirt, Calzedonia leggings


Calzedonia leggings and nike running shoes

Gracie Opulanza on a sledge way

Gracie Opulanza Cake lover

My reward after the running 🙂