Audrey Hepburn - Vintage Swimwear Vintage glasses

Vintage Swim Caps

Why swim? Swimming works practically all of the muscles in the body (if you do a variety of strokes). It helps build and strengthen your, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. For me I can’t run everyday, it’s boring and stressing on my very short legs. For me swimming is very therapeutic and it takes a lot of stress off my body and it’s also my thinking tank. I let my imagination run wild. The results for me when I swim is that my body loves it. And I end up having a cracking looking body and legs. So I have been told. Also I have never injured myself swimming, well at the pool I mean.

Wear a Cap Or Go Home

Now there is nothing worse when ‘you’ve been told to wear a cap on your head? So for me me a law abiding swimmer. I was on the hunt for my stylish cap. It is a lot harder than you think. I can’t believe how hard it is to find stylish swim caps for 2013. I adore these two mini films about why one should never neglect your swim attire all year round. I swim often, it’s great for the figure. Again for me my swimwear let alone my cap has to look in tip top shape. Can you believe it I am the only one wearing a vintage swim cap. I am certainly known for it.

Why Swim In Style

It makes me swim elegantly, fast and I love the reactions and I always get a smile here and there. Why not, you got to all that effort you might as well look the part. It’s all about the feel good factor. Let’s face it exercise fashion hanging about the public pools on a good day can be a tad boring. You should see what happens when you wear something in style. Amazing what it attracts. So if you are single I would highly recommend focusing on your swimwear attire. Vintage swimwear is amazing and the colours are adorable. Just work  out what style suits you. For me I have a super long torso and super shorts legs. So high cut swimwear suits me. Anything cutting off at my thighs looks odd indeed.

Swim Suit Film

Swim Cap Fashion Film

Be inspired and if you know of great places to find vintage caps then let me know? I will add the links.

Spohia Loren Swimming wearing a headpeice

Sophia Loren

The Urban Spotter - Purple inspired swimming cap turban

Perfect for elegant swimming

Swimming caps for women PINK

Swim Cap - Vintage Green and red 

Swim Cap - Vintage

Gracie Opulanza Swim Cap

Swim Cap - Vintage Pink

Vogue 2008 - Vintage Swim Fashion