I have been visiting Holand for twenty-five years. The Netherlands is the cycling nation of the world. It has dedicated cycling lanes and the country is below sea level. Which means it is totally flat. So why are Dutch women not wearing high heels whilst riding? Why are dutch women not embracing soft glamour on the bike?

Are High Heels Illegal On The Bike?

For the last two weeks, I have seen one lady ride in high heels on the bike. I have visited three main cities of Holland to scout for women in high heels.

Fashion For Fifties - Holland Cycling Style Tips

This is my bike, and I can’t wait to ride it here in Holland. I can’t wait to throw tulips in my basket too. This is the season to be impractical and wear heels until your fall over on your bike.


Stop making an excuse about shoes. You can’t place high heels in your bike basket.

movenpick the haag Gracie Opulanza Holland

Sandals With Socks

I have been riding in these Chie Mihara platforms with socks. Sandals with socks are all about riding through the seasons and giving love to your feet.

Fashion For Fifty - Sandals With Socks Style Tips

These sandals are so easy to ride in. Neutral colours that team with any socks or outfit.

chei mihara spain sandals with socks bike Holland

Trainer Style

Amsterdam woman on bike

This is very common to see in Holland. But add some deep frills to your cycling. You can opt for some frill trainers too. Or be the king of your trainers by opting for bright colours.

Movenpick The Haag Bikes



Red is a great colour to wear whilst riding any bike. You can always see people on the bike when wearing red

 Palace Holland The Hague

Holland is stunning and I don’t know what women don’t match to dress their lifestyle. Dutch women do love colour and they do eat out a lot. So get your heels on and ride. It is a flat country you are not touring or doing the tour De France climbing hills.


Green is fabulous during any season. Read about why I wear olive green here in Holland

cycling in holland woman green

Nice summer style she is wearing and those mint green shorts!

Dress Shorts

Now cycling is all about comfort but let’s go up another soft glamour and opt for suit shorts.

Chei Mihara sandals with socks

Cowboy Boots

I see many Dutch women wearing them. So opt for an Old Gringo boot with plenty of floral.

Barbie Old Gringo boot Mexico Leon Cowboy (5) Old Gringo boot Mexico Leon Cowboy (2) embroidery

Food Prints

Food or fruit prints look fabulous in a country like Holland where the export of food and flowers are the most powerful in the world.

Fruit Print suits

Opt for a fruit print suit.


Sunglasses are so sexy on a bike so don’t hold back on the oversize style of bling like me here trending Gucci.

Gucci bling sunglasses

Eyewear when you get off the bike.  Head into the WAmsterdam is continuing a cycling trend for all to see.

WAmsterdam Olive Green Gracie Opulanza Vanilia Dress

Denim Shorts

Get the Italian look by wearing soft glamour denim shorts and super high heels. Dutch women do go out in the evening too. During summer it does not get dark till 11pm.

denim shorts Amsterdam

Sporty And Nice

This look in Venice Italy can so be replicated here, Dutch women are the tallest nation in the world. So I am baffled why they are not showcasing their super long legs.

cycling style

Don’t forget to get your supersport knee-high socks with trainer style too. It’s all about showcasing who we are, sexy women.

Blue shorts and match sweater

This is a nice feminine look due to the ice blue outfit with matching trainers.


floating long hair on a bike is so super elegant and lade chic. Don’t hold back, let your hair down and ride in style.

Denim Shorts - How To Wear Them At Any Age

We Italian women love long hair no matter what we are doing.

Trench Coats

Trench coats look great on bikes here. It rains so much, so it is important to get jackets that look fabulous but keep you dry too. Upcycle your trench coat or cardigan like they have done here in Italy.