What I am writing about has been many years of trying to figure out why Dutch women generally dress very masculine. Because when I compare them to their Dutch counterparts, the guys are certainly more adventurous with what they choose to wear. What they wear represents who they are as men. I’ve finally worked it out why Dutch women choose not to wear on a daily basis skirts, let alone dresses.

What Is Style?

There is one thing I love to do and that’s appreciate a city. When I am in one there is a certainty, I make sure I dress with style and in my Style. Style is a funny thing because, what one perceives as style, for another it may just be outrageously stupid. But clothes do show your personality and how you feel for that given day. But style and fashion is about making choices to wear something that makes you feel good even when you don’t. That’s the power of style.

It’s not following trends but making an effort and taking risks. It’s part of life facing and confronting your personal fears. Yes your wardrobe can be that powerful. Clothes are a great starting point if you choose to wear something that the rest of your friends or culture deem odd or impractical. If you are the first to do something different among your peers, it’s the perfect training ground for much bigger things within life.


Gracie Opulanza bike

Amsterdam The Fashion Capital Of Holland

The city images are from Amsterdam where I was last week. I was just lurking about and appreciating man made gems I adore. It’s funny how a culture in a city has its own trends. Amsterdam is the city where Dutch women can take risks on a fashion front. I notice the Dutch people for many years are inspired by Italy. In Holland the cafes have an Italian flare to it. I am always noticing them driving the vintage fiat 500, the Dutch version of what I call, La Dolce Vita. Some women have vintage bikes with baskets full of flowers and cheese and even ride a pink bike. Even when speaking to the well travelled nation, they always speak highly of Italy, even the way the Italians dress. 

But over the years there is always this common thread of fashion psychology amongst the Dutch women, I fear. When it comes to feminine fashion, I am referring to dresses, floral prints, anything PINK and skirts. Somewhere, deep down in a Dutch woman’s mental state, they feel they can’t wear it. Many times I hear them saying to me. “I love your dress but Oh, no not here, the Dutch women just would not do that”. Why do Dutch women choose to dress without wearing one? FASHION FEAR AND PEER PRESSURE AT ITS BEST. 

The Dutch women are fearful of what their mates, work companions, let alone family will say if they choose to wear a dress, skirt or anything floral. These designs and colours are not practical for the Dutch, it has to function well. Hence, one of their EXCUSES IS fashion design and clothes should be revolved around the epic bike. There are more than 13 million bikes in Holland. With a population of approximately 16.5 million, this is almost one bike per person.


Foldable pumps perfect for placing in your backpack to put on in the office

Bike Riding Versus Impractical Fashion

I find the Dutch are one of the most liberal and open minded nations in the world. Well, when it comes to women keeping an open mind towards floral fashion, dresses and long hair this seems not to be the case. I know it’s hard to ride a bike in one, but, hey I am coming from an Italian background and us women certainly ride our motor scooters with skirts, high heels and anything that deems outrageously stupid to a Dutch woman. Trust me, I’ve had many heated conversations about this with them. Worse case scenario what could go wrong wearing a dress while riding a bike? On a bad day, that dress will fly up and someone will see your knickers. If you choose to do so, then make sure your knickers are lacy, girlie and PINK. Ladies, you are one of the tallest nations in the world. Show those long legs to everyone and just wear thin stockings. They are semi warm but very sexy indeed.

Holland sign for bikes Kiss and Ride

Bike riding in style

Nice stylish riding outfit

Hairstyles Anything But Short

I am astounded how many Dutch woman wear year after year short punk style hair. The style trend never changes. Even a bob can still look great after you’ve ridden your bike to work. It’s about taking some extra time before you sit at your desk to sort it all out. Go nuts ladies and grow your gorgeous hair.

My Message To The Dutch Woman.

I always and only have worn dresses in Holland on every single visit. To test out a response from guys. I kid you not, I turn heads all the time. Get compliments that I don’t normally get in any other city. The men love it and always say, Dutch women would never wear a dress, let alone anything floral. Even the women compliment me and say, I wish I could wear that. What has gone wrong here?

Ladies, it’s la ong time overdue and your men are wanting it more and more so dress like a woman, choose dresses, high heels, skirts and go nuts, wear some lipstick. If I had half the length of your legs, let alone your natural beauty, I would be showing every side of you that states femininity. I’ve gone into your shops and there is a lot of girlie clothes on the shelves ready to be embraced. I’m not the gentlest woman but hence why I make sure I wear accessories or clothes to soften my personality. I’m always running around and there is enough girlie fashion to accommodate my hectic lifestyle.


The amount of cool looking trainers out there for woman now gives you plenty of options to choose to ride your bike in comfortable style.


Dutch Brands You Should Get Your Legs Into

Ladies, time to ditch that rolled up short cuffed Jean look. Gosh, you have been doing it for years now. Why I choose G-STAR RAW is that they do great denim wear. Their jackets and capes are fabulous, practical and very feminine. Ok, not floral, but at least they are encouraging you to ditch those white jeans you keep on wearing. Also, you seem to keep on wearing jeans that are far too short and too big on you. You’re not a petite nation and that’s great, embrace it.

When you choose to update your denim wear, then go for a gentler boot. Go for boots with square heals and pointy toes, this is very chic. It is a more refined way of presenting your feet. Your shoes are great in design and the leather is amazing. Even pointy brogues for women can be very stylish and can still hold balance on your bike. Silver, two tones and deep dark rich colours will certainly be very edgy.

Gsus Sindustries collection especially, its suits are rocking and great camo prints. Suits for women are very practical but also very girlie. Team it with pearl earrings and a short necklace. Nice shirts with bows or even a brooch will again give a more lady like appearance. Embrace in some accessories, don’t worry about losing it. Go for an inexpensive pair and get used to the idea. As for your bags, oh my goodness, go for anything floral or a good leather tote. Hester Van Eeghen leather bag designs are to die for.

CONFRONT YOUR FEARS AND CHOOSE TO WEAR WHAT EVERY ONE ELSE IS NOT. This is not about brands, this is about choosing to wear what represents you.

Coats as a Dress

So your bike is your set of wheels and I love Holland for that. So how can you look more girlie like? Easy, I have many coats that I simply wear as a dress. This winter in all the magazines, it’s leather jackets either black and red in colour. You need to wear them as a dress on their own. They look great but the key here is to soften your coat with accessories. Again a tad of bling, yes you heard me, will just soften your features. As for your shoes, make sure they stand out a lot more than your jacket. So wearing a black jacket, go for a bright set of boots, ankle boots or heels. Your height can pull this off and this design is made for you. Or sports jackets are very cool right now and practical for riding bikes like the one I am wearing below. My goodness, this Adidas jacket gets a lot of positive attention

For those rainy days this jacket  is what you need to ride your bike in. Will stand the test of time in the winter. They look and feel great.