I have been in Italy for the last year working with small artisans. Who understand that design, quality and wearing items that are of value is the key to everything Made In Italy. I bought these Dolce & Gabbana suede flat boots as I thought I could wear them for years and at least walk in them. How can a luxury company create boots that are unable to be walked in for less than 10min? In fact, I have allowed other people to wear them and we all have the same problem.

These boots are not made for walking.

Princess Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer

This is the same brand that just made dresses for Princess Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer, a model for Dolce & Gabbana, married South African fashion tycoon Michael Lewis at a luxurious ceremony outside Rome on Saturday.

The 30-year-old daughter of Charles Spencer, exchanged marriage vows with billionaire Lewis, who is 32 years her senior and is chairman of the Foschini group.

The bride wore several different Dolce and Gabbana gowns for the occasion, which were designed and hand-made exclusively for her big day.


I know where these boots are being made and it is in Italy. I know the manufacturing company and they produce very comfortable shoes. The problem with luxury shoe brands like Dolce &Gabbana is that they don’t understand how to design shoes to walk in. It is all about the fashion look, not shoes to be walked in.

Luxury Boots Versus Value

On average Dolce & Gabbana boots brand new are worth over one thousand euro. I bought these new ones. What is the problem with these boots? How could anyone even design boots from hell or footwear?

I own more than one pair of Dolce & Gabbana shoes and I find after one wear they begin to either give me a blister or on one occasion the cloth that is glued on the shoes came off.

Dolce Gabbana shoes Audi Polo Prince Harry charity event

These platform shoes were the most expensive and uncomfortable shoes I have ever bought. I have only worn them this once way back in 2017.

Inflexible Boots

Talking to the shoemaker in Italy.

The problem is that the boot has nothing to hold the foot still. Not even on the neck. The upper leg has no shape or support. The sole does not bend so when anyone walks in them. It is like walking with a wooden plank. The boot sole is not flexible at all. Who on earth came up with this design idea?

The heel of the foot inside gives me blisters as the hoof of the footwear is not well thought out in foot comfort. Inside the footwear, it’s all leather with no soft support.

Dolcegabbana suede boots made in italy (2)

Shoe Size Is Off

The shoe size is 38.5 which is more of a 37.5 and the boot is so narrow. It is only designed for a child’s foot. I know this as my 13year old daughter can wear them for only 10min and she is a size 37. She can only wear them for this little as the inflexible shoe sole is terrible.

Clogs Versus Dolce & Gabbana

I own three pairs of Caretta Clogs, made for me In Italy. They have lightweight wood and they are inflexible too. Why can I walk in these for 10kilometeres a day? Why is the leatherworking with me in comfort? They too don’t bend at the sole.

caretti clogs

I love wearing them in my villa too.

Vestiaire Sustainbale Fashion

Why can’t I even sell them on the most popular luxury website platform for fashion, Vestiaire? Millions of shoes get sold and bought from this website.  Goes to show that luxury brands do not hold their value as you may think. I sold many new luxury boots on this website for more than I am selling these pathetic boots from hell.

Burn Them Or Donate Them

I don’t even feel to give these boots to anyone. The simple reason is these boots are not made for walking. Should I give them away? Should I give them to charity? Or should I put them on fire and spare anyone the future pain, blisters and foot ache.

Are these boots cursed?

Can shoes be cursed even if you buy them new? I have a brilliant God-given gut instinct. There is something seriously off and wrong with these boots?

If I could wear them I would have worn these suede boots with denim shorts.

There comes a time and did we, not all learn that now during a lockdown?  That fast-fashion luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana are not about comfortable footwear. They do not represent what Italian artisans are about in the world of shoemaking.