Searching for villa rentals in Italy but can’t seem to find something that matches your modern taste? Here’s a few secret Italian escapes that’ll give you something chic to brag about when you get home.”

Fo the last seven months I have been in a semi lockdown thanks to coronavirus. For me, my mental health has been up and down due to covid-19.  Since September and November, I have not trusted the Italian government and made sure this second and third lockdown I was not stuck in a two-bedroom apartment.


I had to escape into a place that felt like my own wellness retreat. I have been around many Italians over the years as I come from an Italian family. So I know what the culture is all about.

I ned up staying in a very rundown Italian villa much like the film Made in Italy with Liam Neeson. Since October no tourists have come to Tuscany and I expect an influx in June?

My heart goes out to normal people who don’t have the possibility to book an airbnb any time soon.

This third lockdown will determine now how we mentally cope with our personal freedom. I pray for our world and thank him for placing me in beautiful Tuscany.


Access to food and fresh tomatoes is one of my loves of Italy. Every time I go to the small local grocery store I love buying homemade sausages, bread, and goat cheese.

I have access to fresh olive oil, salami a tradition of 600 years. Fresh goat cheese and endless amounts of garden and herbs. The fruit trees on this estate and the vineyards and nature. is why Italy is the most amazing place when it comes to eating well.



In this villa, I have access to nature, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. One of the infinity pool views is truly amazing overlooking Lucca.

So I feel like I am on a resort. Even though I have no access to spa treatments thanks to my journalism career you can see how I have lived here in Tuscany during the red zones.

Since Feb Tuscany has been on and off in a red zone. And I am grateful I am not in, Milan, Rome, or the Lombardy region. As living in a city right now is just too restrictive. I hate wearing masks outside.


Southern Italy

I am originally from the South of Italy and over recent years international visitors have gravitated there. The south is dry, poorer, and very different from green-rich Tuscany. I watch is gratefulness when I compare myself to other European countries. Who are in full lockdown?



Having access to 60 acres of private landscape I am able to create my own Tuscan episode to inspire others to return to Made In Italy. Walking, playing tennis, and dipping into a cold winter January swimming pool. I have created my own gym.

Italy in the summer can feel like an outdoor sauna. It is why I am surrounded by many pools here.

Supporting artisan businesses is why I love Italy so much.

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You can read more about my lockdown stay.


Alta Moda

I also learned to love wool again as these run-down villas are so cold in the winter. Wearing my green moss cape and the purple jumper is why I have been able to sit outside on my balcony.

I have been able to create my own  Il Casale Tenuta Verzano, fashion lifestyle.

This is a stunning rustic villa surrounded by beautiful grounds on the outskirts of Sant’Oreste, a village about 35 minutes from Rome.  It is set in Trieste.

I have also learned to do yoga stretches after my walks and tennis playing. Overall since I have been here, mental health and creativity have been amazing. And the quality content I am now producing is why I have grown my subscriber platform.

I know that being in Tuscany my followers did not have to put an ad blocker. I am wearing a  vintage Pucci print that was made here on the estate as a mental health therapy over full red zone lockdown.


Made In Italy

Yesterday I read the telegraph website about the new Amazon prime film starring Liam Neesom, called Made In Italy. The movie does not in any way reflect how I have lived here. So just come and experience the real Tuscany. Hire a Lancia classic car and drive like you can see I am in the video below.

I certainly can relate to the story which is all about renovating a rustic villa in Tuscany. You can read and see some Tuscan villas for sale that I have viewed since September 2019.