Every year, plenty of home decoration trends seem to come up on the internet. Sometimes, they’re so many that you’d be confused about which ones you should try out for your home. As exciting as it is to try new home decoration trends, you might never know if some of them would work with your home or not. Thankfully, one decoration trend that never loses its allure is the use of flowers.

Flowers can easily add style and elegance to any home. Since they’re naturally colorful, it’s easier for them to add a vibrant touch to your indoor space. Moreover, most flowers also emit their unique fragrance and scent, which can improve the smell of your home. Overall, flowers bring nothing but positive energy, pleasing scents, and visually appealing colors into your living environment.

Flower Decoration 101

When decorating with flowers, there are many ways you can do aside from the traditional flower vases. Here’s a list of different ways you can use flowers to decorate your home and pick one or more that’d suit your home’s theme and aesthetic:

Old Glass Bottles

Instead of the standard flower vases, you can repurpose your old glass bottles and use them as your flower vases. When picking bottles, go for the ones with colorful features and interesting shapes.

Before using them, make sure to remove bottle labels first. If you’re around New York, you can order for flower delivery in NY and have your favorite flowers delivered to your doorstep. Then, you can line up your glass bottles in your featured shelves or display each of them in different areas around the house.

Teapot Flowers

Are you looking for a unique way to incorporate flowers into your dining table? Take out your old teapots and use them as vases for your flowers. Not only do teapots look unique, but they smoothly match your kitchen’s vibe and aesthetic too.

If you don’t have old teapots, you can look up around ceramic and vintage shops for any stylish teapot to work perfectly as a vase. On a side note, avoid using a teapot with intricate designs as these may clash with your floral arrangement.

Birdcage Flowerbed

For bird owners, you can decorate your pet’s birdcage by incorporating some flowers around it. You can grow some creepers with flowers and watch them grow around the cage. Or if you’re trying to repurpose an old birdcage, you may use the cage itself as a growing spot for other kinds of flowers. You can also place a vase inside the cage and fill it with flowers. Then, you can hang your birdcage anywhere around the house, preferably on the porch or living room.

Flower Shelves

Instead of typically lining up your flower pots on the wall shelves, you can create a flower shelf specifically for your flower pots only. To do this, take out an old wooden crate and nail it to the wall. Make sure to clean the wooden crate first or paint it with attractive colors before nailing it without the lid. Then, you can place one flower pot on each wooden box. Now, you have a unique place to display your favorite roses around the house.

Knitted Vase

If you already have flower pots or vases, you can elevate their design by knitting a cover for them. If you’re a good knitter, utilize that skill to DIY your plain flower vases and pots and bring more color by knitting them covers.

You may pick the color of your knitted covers based on the color and aesthetic of your home. For instance, if you have creamy walls, you can knit yarns with pastel blue, yellow, or pink to complement the room and the flowers. If you don’t know how to knit or crotchet, maybe now’s a good time to start learning!

Tin Can Pots

Instead of disposing of your empty tin cans, repurpose them by using them as pots for your flowers. Tin cans are relatively easier to work with as you can easily punch holes in them, fill them with flowers, and hang them on your window sills. From there, you just created your own window flowers to brighten up your living room as well as outside the house.

Flower Basket

Using a basket filled with flowers as your centerpiece on the dining table or coffee table will automatically create a cozy and country-side vibe in your house. So, make use of those baskets you’ve hidden and turn them into a flower basket. To keep your flowers fresh and long-lasting, you can put some treated sponges inside. If the flower wilt after a few days or a week, don’t forget to replace your flowers with fresh ones.

Eggshell Vases

Who would’ve thought you could still reuse eggshells to decorate your house instead of throwing them right away? To pull this off, wash those eggshells carefully to avoid them from breaking and losing their shape. Then, you can fill each one with tiny blossoms or one big flower, depending on the size of the eggshell. You can also add pebbles or green twigs for additional decoration. Then, put them together on one plate and use them as a table centrepiece.


As you see, flowers are handy for your home. Apart from their appealing beauty and fragrance, they also provide positive effects on your well-being by elevating mood and reducing stress. So, try out these tips and start incorporating more flowers into your home.