I have been reviewing luxury cars since 2015. When I get press cars the colour is targeting men. Take a look at the Rolls Royce Phantom, the name says it all, Gunpowder. Rarely do I get a press colour that targets my female physic let alone my soul.

In the last year car companies, I work with have had a rethink on how to target cars from women in 2021.

I went on a tour with Bently Crewe in 2016. The salespeople explained when a Bentley is ordered the colour choice is always female. So why when it comes to car marketing we have always felt to remain in the passenger seat regarding supercars and luxury cars marketing.

The shift is here thanks to women like me who have for many years been the minority when it comes to press car reviews. I had to pioneer throughout the year’s ways to inspire women to take note when buying cars.

Most car’s I have reviewed over the years has been blue or grey.

Rolls-Royce-Phantom-MenStyleFashion-4 (1)

What Does Raspberry Symbolize?

Raspberries are seen as a symbol of kindness in Christian art. The red juice is thought of as blood that runs through the heart. It is also believed to be the place where kindness originates. Their delicate state in transport has led them to symbolize fragility as well.
Kindness is what we need in this current world of unkindness and loss to humanity.
So driving in a raspberry car is a mental health solution to a sad and anxious heart.
Does it also target a female mindset don’t you think?

Raspberries Promotional Campaign

In early 1973, Capitol Records embarked on a Raspberries promotional campaign aimed squarely at the lucrative youth market, girls in particular. In conjunction with Star, the Raspberries Rollswagen sweepstakes were announced in the magazine’s debut issue and was promoted through its fourth issue with entries accepted through the end of May. The Rollswagen was yet another over-the-top Barris Kustom creation, complete with “foxy fur” upholstery and a Quadrasonic 8-track player (natch). One issue later in June 1973, Petersen abruptly ceased publication of Star.


Absolutely love this image above! Would it inspire us ladies to buy a raspberry car?

James Bond In Raspberry

Daniel Craig wore raspberry. Why did George Cortina designer opt for a raspberry sorbet velvet tuxedo? Clearly, it’s the colour of the moment. it’s the colour that we have to go out and buy. Alongside that raspberry Rolex.

Why has Rolls Royce latest Phantom colour choice opt for raspberry in 2021? Bentley and Porsche have also opted for this colour. Same deal, if it’s good enough for Bond then it’s No Time To Buy than now. I find rich people are all about bang on in trend.

Fashion and car colour choices work hand in hand. I have been to many car launches where the colour takes a whopping four years to decide. Car brands team up with luxury fashion trend spotters to come up with future car colours.

We are seeking an opulent fantasy when it comes to life. Escapism is what men and women need right now. Raspberry gives a positive outlook for a deem and bleak future of unknown and uncertainty.

Does it seem men are not embarrassed to wear pink tuxedos let alone James Bond’s raspberry blazer?

Pink tuxedo 2021 red carpet

In fact ladies it looks like the men are out shining us with being opulent on the red carpet events for 2021.

Velvet Raspberry Chairs

Velvet looks fabulous in dusty pinks for furniture. Many hotel’s I reviewed in Venice this summer opted for this feel-good factor colour.

raspberry velvet lounge

Rolls Royce Classic Car

I experienced a classic Rolls Royce that was commissioned by women way back in the 1930’s. I imagine the colour choices then were very limited? But there is a flare of ladylike demure and elegance when seeing it from the outside.


I adore this lady, I am referring to Miss Roller!

Would You Drive A Raspberry Car?

When I first saw cars this year in raspberry, I liked it as it is not a common colour for cars. There is an eccentric and opulent message behind the colour too. I truly believe it’s more of a fad than a trend. And a very niche market will opt for it. I suppose that is the idea targeting the super-rich these days who can afford the best of bespoke tailoring when it comes to car manufacturing. It takes 6mths to build a Rolls Royce. And if the buyer is not happy with the colour choice they opted for. It will only cost another 70,000 pounds to change it.

Did you know that the sellers that choose their personal colour belong to them? Did you know in the world of Rolls Royce new interior design trends are formed by customer requests themselves?

So I can only assume that it was Bond himself, that lured the future car buyers to opt for a kind colour.

What are your thoughts on raspberry cars?