Autumn and winter are mostly considered to be times of weakness, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, etc. It is interesting to know that autumn and winter are actually good times for developing mental health. Read more about it here.

Mental Health

Our mental health has been tested in the last 18mths. The anxiety of lockdown and taken its toll on most human health. How do we tackle mental illness and depression comes down to guidance and our personal wellbeing.

Workout Plan

Autumn is a wonderful season to connect to nature. Forcing ourselves to ditch social media throughout the day and pop out for some little time for fresh air can make all the difference. Our personal growth at any age and stage is important for mental health conditions. No matter how big or small it may be. Our immune system is at risk now due to on and off lockdown and lack of exercise. I am fifty now so what I feel my body and mind determines my future life.

autumn doors leaves

Marriage Versus Vaccine Debate

Our marriages are in the constant war due to the debate on finances and vaccines. We are now in a mental health crisis within many marriages. So it’s important to work on our psychology today to avoid more harm to our minds.

When I argue within my home my heart rate is at risk. It’s why I choose a rapid response for good mental health. I go and jump on my trampoline when I feel anxious about jobs that are out of my control.

It sends positive messages of calm to my brain then to return to tackle the issue at hand.

It’s also a warning sign to care for your mental health and bring peace to the home regarding family members

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My girls are teenagers their low self-esteem is gonna be high. Tearfulness moments are a reflection of low self-esteem. Lack of motivation for my girls due to homeschooling is why I force them out into nature. Autumn walks are great for young adult development. It assists their energy levels. I make sure when they do watch TikTok they don’t go into depression about body image.

I ensure laughter is part of our life. And the realization that a person’s ability comes down to lack of sleep.

Take Gadgets Out Of Teenagers Room

How many times I have woken up to 2 am chat within my girl’s rooms. It’s important they have downtime. Lack of sleep is not good for anyone’s mental state of mind. Long hours on screens is a bad trait for anyone. I notice physical symptom’s when I see my girls. Signs for burnout and bodily harm is at an all-time high amongst teenagers

Eat Healthily

I make sure my girls own life is about good eating habits. prevention of eating disorders is all about mental health problems. Make sure you teach your kids how to cook. To avoid too much sugar which is a feel-good food issue. Diabetics are strong within my family so I must act diligently when it comes too, too many chocolates or sweets. make sure you eat a balanced diet it’s the difference between mentally well and not.

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All sit at the table and set it up as if you were at a hotel. Teach your kids table manners.

Schedule Certain Hours For Sleep

Make sure a routine is established for homeschooling. I always got to sleep early. But my girl’s patterns can be all over the place. Be prepared for big fights when you create a strict time to sleep routine. My girls are much calmer when they sleep for over eight hours.

Do Different Things

If you have access to a classic car? Take your Aston Martin for a weekend road trip. This is No time to die right now. Life is good and it’s what you make it. Bring out the Money Penny and James Bond within your fantasy life.

Aston Martin classic car james bond no time to die leather vintage suitcases (6) Aston Martin classic car james bond no time to die leather vintage suitcases (6)

Lockdown is here again for autumn-winter. I make sure we do different things to create positive energy within the homes.

Read, run write go out for walks in different locations. Make art as part of weekly habits. Learn a new skill. Get kids into learning a musical instrument. Make sure to do different experiences regarding physical health. Obesity amongst us all is very high, and comforting eating is a bad habit to get out of.

Autumn walks for mental health

My image within this article is me walking in autumn even when don’t feel like it. Pushing through exercise is the key to happiness.

Autumn walks for mental health

I find walking near water makes my mind very focused and recharging my mind. In the downtime is where my creative juices for writing happen.

Autumn walks for mental health

Forest Therapy

Walking within nature is amazing for anyone. Hearing birds sing and creatures running around is a wonderful way to relax the body, soul and mind. I lie in sun and on my trampoline as much as possible throughout the day. I also watch my use of alcohol intake. It makes me feel low if I drink too much.


Watch out for symptoms of behaviour changes amongst family and friends. I notice when my daughters feel low and bored. Being bored is a good healthy way the mind is resting. Make sure your digital and social media access is not destroying your mental health. Eating as a family is a good way to see if kids behaviours or mindset is in trouble. Table talk has a positive effect on us as a family.


This winter is going to be brutal on our mental state of mind. If you are up against another lockdown. Or feel the pressure to be vaccinated. We are living traumatic events of losing a loved one, losing our job. Fuel poverty is at an all-time high. So staying warm this winter may be very hard for many due to lack of finances. Heavy workloads to pay debts is also at an all-time high. January 2022 is the heart of physical symptoms regarding the effects of the mind. For some, a vacation may never come their way again for many years. Not being able to see loved ones like me in Australia for over two years now does take a toll on my mental health.

Being stuck in a small city apartment is hard too. Our bodies grave nature, autumn colours and being able to walk on the grass.

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Play Dress Ups

Part of me feeling happy is wearing beautiful things. Unicorn Murano jewellery makes me feel light at heart. Wearing autumn leather trousers whilst picking up autumn leaves is also a wonderful way to calm the mind.

Leather-Tan-Trousers-Stay-Stylish-Comfortable-At-Home-Gracie-Opulanza-Fattoris-Mansi-Bernardini-2020-Autumn-3 (1)


Make sure you connect with someone. Knock on your neighbour’s door and introduce yourselves. Touching someone is very important for mental health. When someone gives you a hug you may not realise how lonely you have been. Loneliness is strong in our society and also leads to mental anxiety.

Read phrases that will challenge your mindset towards this pandemic life. Our loss of freedom to move, travel and just live as we did in the past. Has taken its toll on our resilience towards everyday life.

It’s connecting with the right people that will teach us all about resilience. Of a new world order.