How many pieces of jewellery have you got lying around? Not been worn in years if at all. How do you choose to wear layers of jewellery without looking like a gipsy?

Mix & Match

Start with going through your existing accessories and decide which to sell on Vestiaire. There are some items that are not dealing or boding well with your current state of mind. Even if that means gifting items away. I love seeing other friends wearing the items they now adore.

But the spotlight has to be shone on a new discovery that ticks all the boxes in terms of price, quality, choice and that satisfying feeling of a new discovery.

You don’t want to annoy your colleagues when you’ve only just been reunited. Even if it’s on a zoom course.

Pearl Necklaces for fashion accessories layering (3)

Why Wear Accessories?

Showcasing your jewellery is like a recreation of a lavish Renaissance-chic dinner for guests.  Featuring glittering tables loaded with fruit, meats, cheeses and wines in true Caravaggio style. I often charge a person by what they wear on their hands, neck and ears.

Don’t all?


I’d recommend mixing plain gold or silver with gems, pearls and sparkle, as too much of any one thing will date your look. There are myriad brands to note that specialise in the perfect stacking compilation that means nothing looks too over-the-top.

So much so that my hands (whether manicured or not) feel naked without them. It’s not as simple as sliding on any old thing: I’ve long waxed lyrical on these pages about my magpie tendencies.

So it should come as no surprise that I have two different combinations I turn to each day.

Pearl Necklaces for fashion accessories layering (3)

Chunky Rings

I have large hands so I opt for chunky rings. It’s a balancing act, and a mix of sizes and textures is key for a modern look. As a rule, if you’re wearing a chunky ring, stack a few fine bracelets as too much jingling is distracting. Mixing fine bracelets with chunky rings is a very edgy appeal. Don’t be afraid to mix and match Swarovski items with gold and silver bracelets.

Lucent cocktail ring yellow Swarovski

Layering Bracelets

Indian women do this so well. Whilst in Bangkok I adopted a similar look with sparkling bracelets. I combine this with pearl earrings. I also layer pearl freshwater bracelets it looks very modern and chic.

Pearl Necklaces for fashion accessories layering (3)


It’s important to layer fine necklaces with other matching items. I mix metal with cloth too. Don’t be afraid to mix and match Murano jewellery.

This looks wonderful with linen cloth too.

Dolce & Gabbana Venice - How To Create Your Upcycling Look

Us women when going through mental health issues like Linda Evangelista. Should wear healing crystals. To declutter the anxiety in our lives. I often wear jewellery at home as my home is my office as it is my home. Where on earth am I going to wear it at the age of fifty.

NKB London Marble Stone Table Gracie Opulanza

I mix and match nature with my workplace. This is a huge marble table I often work on in Tuscany. TheGreat Gatsby was a brilliant era to learn the art of layering regarding accessories.