When I read about people enduring terrible experiences in life. I always ponder WHY did these individuals choose to live?  Why did they choose to endure such suffering and fight to live? Nelson Mandela summed it up well, about his mindset endurance whilst being locked up.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done. Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

So what is the key to a quality life? It’s exercising a healthy mindset.

I am always reminded about exercising my body. But it’s rare I keep being reminded of exercising the power of the mind. Wouldn’t we all agree if our mind is positive and strong our bodies and lifestyle follow? I have always been taught, what I watch, read and who I hang out with. Can be the difference between the quality of life and death. My mindset is all about the difference between, living in poverty or living a good quality of life.

How many of us during this pandemic. Have asked ourselves. A, am I going in the right direction? Or how on earth did I get here regarding where I sleep, live and what I drive?

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

I have lived in a digital nomad lifestyle for the last five years. Due to being able to live with less and adapt to new cultures, food and housing. This pandemic has been easier for me than for others. Because I am not afraid of a powerful mindset change under pressure.

I relocated to a city for my future business opportunities. Continue this Nomadic lifestyle. Choosing to homeschool. That is all about a mental state of mindset. So the risks I am taking now is all about a mindset change. I have had to sacrifice owning a large home and being in my own birthplace. My ability to change my mindset is why I can do this. Training my mindset over the years has not been easy.

Autumn walks for mental health

Excercise The Power To Live

How powerful is my mental mind? This pandemic has certainly shown me as an individual, how resilient am I to change and lockdowns.

That comes down to years of mental mind games. My lifestyle and work opportunities have had a massive big reset, in the last two years. The reason I can endure it comes down to my mental state of mind. My mental health has been put to the test during Covid 19. The stress, anxiety travel stress, changing of homes and dealing with other people. Has not taken its toll on me. I am ruthless now with whom I hang around.

People’s words can trip you, snare you, trap you. When people speak negativity over my life. I end up being very sad.

It affects my state of verbal mind and home happiness.

For example saying, I never give good breaks. I stop the flow of my future.  I don’t have to live by the snared by the past. I have to be very focused on my mental health and what I speak out loud.

I thank God I have this strong mind. To be able to freely see what others can’t see. To adapt and have the income to be flexible. To be a stay home working mum and also an educator to my children. Not easy but it works due to my current state of mental mindset.

Mental Health - The Will To Live Not Just Exist

Positive Words

This pandemic has tested me regarding staying positive. Dealing with anger, frustration and lost opportunities for work due to Covid 19 restrictions. The key is the will to not to exist but to thrive and live. My resilience towards this pandemic is why I am grateful. To plan ahead is short phases is the key now. A flexible mindset is a key to living happily just not existing.

I think the mindset shift and new habits we’ve seen as a result of the pandemic will continue to evolve. I work in the hospitality, luxury sector of cars and fashion. Hospitality will become an act of empathy, not just a form of service, and luxury will become less about material products and more about meaningful experiences.

This is what I have done regarding my hotel reviews. During this pandemic. I loved having a hotel all to myself. Turing fifty I had a penthouse to myself. It was the best fun ever. Having access to everything. But it’s not financially viable for hotels to be this empty. That has made me sad.

This is not my responsibility and is out of my control. Remember to work on remaining mentally strong in what you can and can’t control.

Words Become Your Reality

I have become what I say. Speaking out loud about my future, I will change my current living situation. I will build my business in a new and innovative way. Which I have! Being more focused on future goals. I will eat fruits of my our words. I will plant the right positive seeds. So work out what you can change and achieve by confronting your daily routine.

Talk lack you will have a poor life. Speak defeat you will end up depressed. Talk to others with a negative mindset you will miss opportunities and lose friends.

The mindset is all about overflow seed of increase and abundance. The right people will seek you out. With my tongue, I can bless my life. Every day I write and speak the desires of my heart. I pay attention to my words and what I am speaking out to others.

Using my words to change my future.

A thought will die stillborn. Don’t verbalise it, don’t get trapped by speaking it out loud.

Think impossible don’t tell anyone it is impossible to out loud.

Mental Health - The Will To Live Not Just Exist

Pandemic Challenge

The most challenging time for us now is. For people to feel comfortable leaving their homes again.  When I am working in hotels. I am highlighting they are going to need to give them something they cannot attain from their living room or backyard. Travel and hotel stays are ensuring that the future of our industry looks like the world that we live in.

At this moment, I spend a great deal of time thinking about how traveller behaviour will continue to evolve because of the disruption of COVID-19.

We have seen dramatic changes in booking patterns, travel behaviour and guest expectations of their stay. I expect those trends to continue to change as the conditions around the world shift.


I had to rethink my hotel reviews. Cheating on fashion for furniture. Despite all of the challenges, this crisis also created an opportunity for me to define a new future for the organization. I am excited to build upon the legacy of this world-renowned luxury hotel company. While ensuring its continued relevance and leadership in independent hospitality well into the future.

As we round the corner of the pandemic, my focus remains on empowering our community of independent hoteliers to stay independent. Focus on niche offerings of long term experinces apposed to a quick night stay in a hotel.

To make sure when guests turn up it’s not like their homes.

Mental Health - The Will To Live Not Just Exist

Trends Evolving

The trends that we are seeing are not new trends, but rather an acceleration of existing trends. I see the luxury space evolving in 2022 to focus on personalization and true omnichannel, which are existing themes. The rate at which technology and innovation develop does not always match the rate of the industry’s evolution or adoption. Secondly, being associated with a company that dares to dream big and continually pushes the boundaries.

How are hotel’s going to adapt to slower travel and cater for more of a local market?

Business Relationships

Although relationships have always been important, these times require deeper connections with clients to bring them back. The ability to connect to clients has evolved. Having said that, it has presented an excellent opportunity for any company to develop and invest more in their own internal training programs.

To identify to up-skill and re-skill existing talent to fill skills gaps and future-proof our workforce. To hold on to relevant staff that contribute to an ever-changing evolution of the business they work in.

New Luxury How do you create memorable experiences?

New luxury goes beyond the gathering of the material certainly, it’s creating extraordinary experiences, but I would even take that a bit further, that quintessential luxury is a transformational experience.

Astronauts experience earth from outside it looking in. They see the edges of our world, the curved horizon with the thin blue line of our atmosphere and have a realization that we all live here together as a single human family on Spaceship Earth. It affects them deeply and is a personally transformational experience.

This change in perspective not only changes us as individuals but changes our world for good, forever. It’s this mindset that has allowed us to build a culture that supports one another, and our common goal of providing our guests with the best possible experience. I feel we will still be in a survivor mindset.

Luxury has always been about no limits, but I think we will see products, services and development as disrupting in an exciting way.

However, I see the luxury sector rushing back quicker than most and with people focused on collaboration and lifestyle experiences.

Deleting The Past

I have ditched everything in the last 20 months and revisited my future. Our customer’s behavior and preferences became unpredictable due to the pandemic. Well-established planning methodologies based on past behaviors and historical performance no longer apply. For me, it was a big rethink on what to offer my followers in this current market.

Growing Where Ever  You Are

The mindset is about choosing to prosper where you are. Or get stuck behind. This pandemic for most is about a flourish in troubled times. Not to ask to get out of the bad breaks, but to thrive during tough times. Don’t wait for the next phase of life but to work through current challenges.

Stay productive, don’t put your dreams on hold. In disappointment is where dreams evolve. Lockdown can’t keep you from achieving one’s goals. No matter where you are flourish wherever you are planted.

Keep being your best where you are. Don’t worry if you don’t get credit despite what get’s in the way.

Like a rose, it takes time to blossom.


My focus is to dream a bid dream. For me, it’s scouting for property. Writing down and speaking aloud what I am seeking to buy. Even if my thought mindset is different. It is important I speak to others and myself in the future. I have a diary of where I write goals down. Very rewarding to see when what I write done happens. My challenge is where to buy, Venice, Tuscany or Holland. My mental state of mind has to be don’t let my words trip me. Speak the impossible. This is my David & Goliath, moment in my life.

I speak courage, not fear. I embrace my dreams and encourage my friends dreams too.

When I Dream Bones

If you are dreaming of bones it means you are representing things in life that are dead. Speak new bones into your life. Things in your life that may seem dead like marriage, home, education or health. Come down to a mindset lifestyle. What you speak out, you end up becoming.

Focus on a positive mindset and instead of speaking negative outcomes. Start with speaking about your children’s future. Say, I am the head, not the tail. I am coming into an overflow of new business opportunities during this pandemic.

Speak out loud, I will have my own business. Make things happen in the mindset of a decree. Write a diary, write down what you want to see in life. Declare that decree. Read it out allowed. When thinking negative embrace it and speak opposite out loud. I have the funds coming.

Speak your marriage changes and your words will become your reality. The mindset now is all about being propelled by your words.

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