People will sometimes forget that our time in this world is limited and as a result, it is important to get the most of life.  The average age of people’s lifespan will generally depend on where you are in the world, what lifestyle you lead, and if you are a male or female (there is normally at least a 5-year difference).  Making sure people then make the most of it is important and here are some of the tips on this.

Bucket List

Some people will have a “bucet list” of activities that they want to complete.   This can include things such as parachuting, going on a safari tour, or visiting a specific country they haven’t done before.  It is one thing having thoughts about these and another actually getting these activities firmed down and executed.


Some of these activities may actually cost a lot of money which therefore means that there will be saving up potentially to do making planning even more important.  Make sure that this list is meaningful and talk about it amongst friends they even may wish to participate in some of these activities with you! I am in Tuscany and you can read more about things to do in Italy.


Assume Positive Intent

Negativity in life can really get you down and it is important to assume positive intentions.  There are going to be others in your circle of friends or family that are extremely negative about situations or others and it is important to try and filter this out as best you can.   Negativity can have a direct impact on you where it could even lead to mental health issues in the worst-case scenario. The colour purple is a great mental health colour to keep your spirits upbeat.

Merino Wool 2021 purple dress Gracie Opulanza made in italy

Although, it may be difficult, assume positive intent and try to have positive vibes around you to live life to the fullest.


I dress up on my estate to get rid of the negativity regarding fashion and not dressing up.

Plan a Celebratory Funeral

Thinking of death can sometimes be emotional but this doesn’t have to be.  Wouldn’t it be good for everyone to be as positive about it and celebrate your life?  You can make sure that your wishes are all clear within a Will which could include the type of service you wish or even a message for people to be readout. Your favorite song could be played at the funeral and messages to remind people how you lived your life to the fullest and how they should do the same.  Funeral Homes & Cremation Services go out of their way to try and adapt their service to suit covid 19.  Although there are many restrictions at the moment in terms of Covid-19, these guys are working as hard as they can to be as creative and innovative as possible to make these events personal and successful.


Every day goes by very quickly and before you know it, the years are well behind you.  Before it is too late, make sure that you get those things completed that you always wanted to do.  The motivation for this needs to come from you alone!