I have been surrounded by endless roses here in Tuscany. Just recovering from Covid I have been speaking to many people about the trauma of seeing loved ones die, watching loved ones recover. How do you gift a person in trauma? How do you gift a niche item that represents how much your care about the?

Roses are wellness ideas. Great for your mental health. Covid 19 has increased our anxiety levels and depression can set in.

Dried Roses

Over the last few months, I used my dried roses and place them into a used scented candle bowl. I loved the form of the roses that naturally dried. I did not want to throw them out. They are special to me because of how they personally kept me sane. My mental health is strong and that is partly due to the roses that I slept next to.

Illness - Dried Roses Gift Ideas

Now I normally placed them in a vase and just smiled, smelt and touched as I felt too. Thanks to these roses my writing has escalated and so has my creativity in how to present roses.

Using anything I could find. I became obsessed with picking, smelling and putting them in my Tuscan villa.

Italy is a place where everyone comes too for the lifestyle. The food and the made in Italy artisans talent.

These are great ideas for wallpaper art design.

Unlock Your Creativity Within Your Walls

The Thought Gift Process

It has taken me months to dry the flowers. I am leaving for Venice and I can’t take any of these roses. I felt to give them away. The person I gifted them to is very fearful, has mental health issues. I know that this gift will heal her heart, mind and soul. I have a gift of inspiring women to confirm their fears and conquer. To do the impossible and live each dream no matter what the cost.

This person is very frustrated regarding lockdown and what it has done to her personally.

So by gifting her my dried roses in my shoebox by Dolce & Gabbana. I truly believe it will remind her that life is precious and challenging.

That like these roses, they survived the storm, rain wind and diseases. Roses are robust just like our state of mind.


Upcycling a great fun. This is what I have done here. I adore the candle vase and they are made in Florence and of very high quality. Apart from my time and creativity. if I add up the cost of the upcycling it amounts to over 2500 euro. What a waste to just throw the roses, candle holder and shoebox out.

My friend is fearful to move and is hunting for a new home. I know that this gift will give her the courage to do so. My friend helped during covid, she saved my life due to being fearful. Breathing in covid can kill you. It attacks the lungs slowly. I felt fine but we called the ambulance as my husband did not feel well.

The end result was it was my lungs were inflamed and the doctor picked up on it due to a home scan. Some tablets late and my natural remedies I recovered fully in less than two weeks.

She also struggles with sleeping. This affects her mental health.

Roses Tuscany

Interior Design

People are seeking to connect to nature. If you live in a city and a confined space this is a perfect gift idea to connect to nature without taking too much space.

No many of us have the luxury to move to big estates. So it is important to do what it takes to get your mental state of mind into a peaceful one.

During covid, I did not have personal support it was really tough going. I don’t live here as my personal home. So make sure you get to know your neighbours. If you are on your own covid is scary and hard going.

Knock on your neighbour’s door give them a rose and a personal gift. Trust me they will help you in time of need.

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No one ever says no to flowers, unless they are allergic. But don’t worry about that. Just gift someone a rose.