Are you afraid to travel to Italy due to covid 19? Where would you choose to travel to after being lock-down for months? I chose Italy and my starting point being Venice. I feel safe and experiencing the most amazing mental health therapy anyone could ask for.

How safe is Venice right now regarding that second wave we are all afraid of? Nothing is safe around the globe when it comes to Covid 19. You and I have to live and adapt with it.

Venice is the city of the opulent lifestyle here in Italy.

Venice 2020 italy covid 19 summer July Gracie Opulanza


I left Andorra, in the Pyrenees, being stuck in the mountains with two borders closed for four months was mentally scary. I was cut off from Spain and France. I was cut off from the rest of Europe. Were we going to run out of food?

So seeing flat land was bliss. Those mountains were suffocating after so long. I drove through France stayed a few days and I have never seen French villages so quiet.

Gracie Opulanza Andorra Interior Design 2020 (2)

When I saw flat land in four months I was in shock. I stayed here, the perfect social distancing location to avoid people and covid-19 infections.

France gracie Opulanza 2020 covid 19

Drive Europe

The only traffic I saw were delivery trucks, all the way from Andorra to Italy. I assume it’s a big catch up for non-essential items.

Most shops will reopen in France and Italy on the 4th of July.

If and when possible drive around Europe. You risk the rate of not getting infected. Plus you have more flexibility to choose social distancing locations.

Cremona Italy

As I headed into Italy, I was anxious to see what awaited me regarding the people and how welcomed I would be? I stayed in Cremona, Italy in an isolated place and I was the first guest in four months. Everyone was so happy to greet me. My temperature was taken and masks were worn.

I was the only tourist in Cremona, which is famous for making violins. The rest were Italians looking at me. I knew what they were thinking?

Why as a tourist would I choose Italy?

When there is blood on the street, it is the place to venture back to. Italy is dead quiet and as sad that maybe, I am loving it. Their heard immunity in the Lombardy region is one of the highest in the world right now.

cremona italy violins 2020 covid 19 summer gracie opulanza

Venice The Quiet City On Water

In Venice the crowds are at a historical all-time low, 95% of tourists are not here. Venice is so quiet now due to the closure of Asia, USA and cruise ships from Europe. I am loving it.

Can you imagine, no lines to get access to famous landmarks. Can you imagine no queues accessing the St Marco Square? That perfect Instagram shot you are always longing for is easy and possible. No crowd editing needed here.

It is brutal to see Italy’s tourism  been destroyed.

The restaurants are empty, the fashion stores open but no one in them. The gelato places just me and my family. The famous seating areas all empty.

Venice 2020 covid 19 condola italy summer gracie opulanza gondola Venice 2020 covid 19 condola italy summer gracie opulanza

Plenty of Gondola’s available and all at discount prices. In fact, all attractions are discounted.

Venice perfect covid escape

St Marco Square below at lunchtime. Normally you would be fighting to get a seat here right now.

venice 2020 covid 19 summer gracie opulanza st marco square italy (1)

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco, often known in English as St Mark’s Square, is the principal public square of Venice, Italy, where it is generally known just as la Piazza.

The main church inside is closed but you can walk the famous balcony with amazing views. Hardly any crowds.

Piazza San Marco venice 2020 covid 19 summer july gracie opulanza italy (1) Piazza San Marco venice 2020 covid 19 summer july gracie opulanza italy (1)

This is a rare opportunity. Venice normally is so busy, you can’t move it is horrible due to so many tourists.

Piazza San Marco venice 2020 covid 19 summer july gracie opulanza italy (1)

These famous tea rooms have to be booked well in advance. Not one person was here.

Piazza San Marco venice 2020 covid 19 summer july gracie opulanza italy (1) tea room

Palazzo Ducale

Formerly the Doge’s residence and the seat of Venetian government, the Palace is the very symbol of Venice and a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. It is just stunning with so many art features, you will be overwhelmed. It is the perfect place to combine fashion and art regarding Instagram shots.

Venice perfect covid hide out

Masks to be worn indoors but optional when walking around outside Venice.

It is the perfect lockdown healer. Don’t be fooled you have changed mentally due to this horrific pandemic. You will discover that when you start travelling.

Palazzo Ducale Venice Covid19 2020 summer gracie opulanza (1)


I am on a world tour. I sold everything and chose to live a life of travel. My plans are limited but I am so glad I chose Italy to regain my confidence regarding travel. My family heritage is the south of Italy. I come from a family who gave up everything and fled to Australia and built that country for what it is today.

How could I allow Covid 19 to get in the way of who I am? I am bold, adventurous and I am determined to help build a new world order.

Freedom can’t be bought you have to fight for it.

Me at 8 pm waving to no one. In the famous St Marco Square.

Piazza San Marco venice 2020 covid 19 summer july gracie opulanza italy (1)

All images were taken by me.