In the last year, I have been reminded of the atelier and all my passion for creative fashion. It is wonderful to meet and connect with artists who have a passion for niche items and using the best quality materials to create a bag, necklace, or shoes.

Each item of my limited edition collection is unique and tells a story of passion and the work of the skilled hands of Italian artisans.

For my wardrobe, I buy only genuine Italian leather. I am a lover of tanned with organic extracts derived from tree barks and coloured objects, expressing handcrafted beauty in its most essential forms as a luxury for me is assured quality and uncompromised integrity.

The olive green colour is my favourite earthy colour for 2021.

Olive oil Tuscany Italy

The backpack is from Florence, Cuoiofficine.


Handcrafted Beauty

with my items I have bought it is so satisfying and rewarding to be able to wear and know that, every step of production passes through the hands of an expert, skilled Italian artisans who have generations of experience behind them. There is nothing more rewarding than wearing each artisan’s hardworking items.

My money is all about investing care and pride in their work true labour of love.

Hearing the thought process of each item is like entering a museum. and been told a niche story of fashion.

Olive leather bag made in Italy Gracie Opulanza (2)

One village which is very niche is a place called Pietrasanta in Tuscany. It is a society of painters, poets, sculptors and surfers. visiting here has brought me a sense of peace, a sense of well being. It has restored my passion for haute couture fashion. I love the hunt for rare and one-off items. Knowing that when I walk out into the streets that my purchases turn heads.

Slow fashion is coming back into our lives.

Olive green weaving bag made in Italy

This bag from the moment I walked out of the boutique turned heads. It takes 10 weeks to make.

Why Support Artists Of Fashion

I am so exhausted regarding Zara and fast fashion. It is cheap clothing and bags that are mass-produced. It gives me no satisfaction when it comes to a purchase. It does not connect to my creative soul. I don’t like knowing where it’s made. Who made it? What labour of love was behind the item.

There is no reward for buying items made in China. There is no durability in fast fashion. The items I have bought will last a lifetime and my girls too can wear them.

Olive Green

This symbol of an olive tree and green continually flows through my life. I have learned to recognise the abundant choices accessible in the world of Italian Haute Couture. I am fortunate in being able to weave together all of the extraordinary materials, exceptional manufacturing, and the depth of knowledge I’ve acquired into each beautifully crafted piece for my limited collection.

Roses Tuscany


Roses are inspiring to me due to the complexity of each petal. The robust flower and that fragrance that is endless. Combined with art and life is a peaceful place.

Roses Tuscany

Nature and art go hand in hand. Writing and nature are a match made in heaven.

Roses Tuscany