Why do I choose to wear wool? How long-lasting and environmentally friendly is wool? I like what Prince Charles is continuing to do regarding the marketing of wool.

This week, The Prince of Wales’ Campaign For Wool has launched a scarf this week to mark its 10th anniversary.

Charles urged society to put “nature at the heart of how we operate”.

Why buy wool?

The Prince of Wales’, Charles praised the sustainable and biodegradable properties of wool and said it was a product the “most brilliant boffin in the most hi-tech laboratory could never create”.

Charles created a limited-edition unisex scarf costs £150 and has been designed by Amy Powney, from luxury sustainable brand Mother of Pearl, and manufactured by Johnstons of Elgin.

Scarves are well worn especially as one gets older. It’s a safe bet regarding the selling of wool items. Anyone and everyone should own a good wool scarf.


Sheep Farming Australia

I am Australian and wool is very familiar to me. I was surrounded by sheep growing up and have seen sheep-shearing too. It is a complex process getting wool from a sheep farm to then turn it into wool.

The next time you are wearing wool, ponder how that wool got on to your body.

I love the feel, the smell, and the intelligence that wool has to offer. I am for quality all the time, it’s in my DNA. I come from an Italian background and we were taught from an early age to never compromise on fabric, just get the best out there.

And wool is one of those fabrics to buy.

By wearing and choosing to buy wool is putting nature first.

Woolmark Australia - Raising Quality Awareness Of Wool

Nature is at my heart here in  Tuscany. If fast fashion does not get taxed heavily, our younger generations are going to suffer.

Why are people now going back to arts and craft fashion?

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Italy garden Tuscany Italy (4)

Hailstones this morning in Tuscany in front of my Villa.

It is freezing and this red wool cape keeps me warm and looks fabulous whilst meeting and greeting people on the estate.

Woolmark Australia - Raising Quality Awareness Of Wool red cape (3)

What I wear is important for my public image.

Why Buy Wool?

Here is my interview with Woolmark Australia talking about why we should buy wool. I did this way back in 2015.

Did you know wool keeps you cool in the summer?

Wearing wool means less harsh on nature. Here is how you can buy wool in style. Also, it is a classic fabric that can be work in many hotel locations.

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Italy garden Tuscany Italy (4)

Angela used a wool fabric that is no longer used for other collections. Great sustainability message.

Here is the story of this amazing super warm wool red cape.

I choose wool because it can be worn all year round. 

wool red cape

wool red christmas cape

I have never ever been for fast fashion and I always look for the finest of fabrics such as wool.

Here are some winter outdoor tips.

My red wool cape here in Tuscany made in Rome, Italy.

wool red cape angela facchini