Wool In The Age Of Fast Fashion

I am Australian and wool is very familiar to me. I love the feel, the smell and the intelligence that wool has to offer. I am for quality all the time, it’s in my DNA. I come from an Italian background and we were taught from an early age to never compromise on fabric, just get the best out there. I have never ever been for fast fashion and I always look for the finest of fabrics that money can buy. I thank my Italian mum and dad for that. So where has it gone so wrong that most women these days support fast throw away fashion? For me it is more the younger generation and the lack of education that has somewhere got lost along the way in the last ten years. So how do we bring back quality into women’s wear?

The Woolmark Campaign For Women

Can Victoria Beckham bring back awareness for quality fashion for women? Victoria Beckham is one of the world’s most influential style icons and a business woman who practices what she preaches. So it makes perfect sense for The Woolmark Company to use her and other leading females to join the campaign for wool. Victoria Beckham will be joined by fashion industry heavyweights including Angelica Cheung, Editor-at-Large, Vogue China, Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Italia and Colin McDowell to judge the International ‪‬‬‬#Woolmark Prize Womenswear final which will take place on the 17 March 2015.


Winner of the 2015 International ‪#‎WoolmarkPrize‬ for Womenswear M.Patmos impressed by fusing streetwear with function and style.

See what the judges had to say about her winning ‪#‎MerinoWool‬-rich collection.

Victoria Beckham - The Wool mark Company Australia 2015


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