Many women probably feel like shopping for a man’s gift is more challenging than buying for females. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Whichever man in your life you’re planning to gift, there are actually many things, hobbies, and interests to explore. And if he is particularly indulgent in fashion and style, then it makes it even easier to buy him a gift.

Since men tend to have a more minimalistic closet than women, you can’t help but feel lost on what clothing wear to buy. What could be the perfect gift for your fashionable guy? One thing’s for sure, though; your options are not constrained to apparel and clothes. You can discover other things that range from a modern briefcase, personalized bathrobes, to sneakers and chino pants to elevate their sense of style.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for a man who appreciates fashion and style.

Custom Briefcase

You might have thought of gifting your man something more useful. If you want to get him a gift that’s more work-related or for a professional, then choose a custom briefcase from, where you can have it personalized with an engraving of text or an image. This will put a smile on your man’s face and instantly make them look chic as an office worker.

     “Custom Leather Briefcase from Von Baer”

"Custom Leather Briefcase from Von Baer".

Find a briefcase design that can represent who they are. These are made of leather to last many years, and they’re perfect for any season. With enough space for a laptop, paper documents, and any gadget, your man would love to bring this custom briefcase anywhere!

Custom Leather Briefcase from Von Baer


Plush Bathrobe

A good gift will last for a few years at least. Giving someone a robe is a more thoughtful gift than giving them something that can be consumed and well-forgotten in no time. And if you want to send something that he can use regularly, a luxurious bathrobe is your best bet. Plus, it’s precisely how a stylish guy would want to look after they come out of the shower.

Like many women, men also love relaxing and feeling comfortable. You can level up their relaxation time by giving them a bathrobe that they can use every day to feel cozy and relaxed. Aside from making it plush and luxurious, ensure that they have the best absorbent qualities so they can speedily dry and get changed for their busy day ahead.

They can also wear it for a longer time while deciding to lounge at home or in their bedroom. To make it even more special, you can have an embroidered robe that comes with their name or design that showcases their interest or personality. This sense of personalization will make them feel even more appreciated.

High-Performance Face Mask

In this pandemic, face masks are an extension of your daily outfit. You can’t leave home without one, which makes it a great gift idea for your man. Choose comfort and performance when selecting the face mask as a gift. There are washable masks that allow them to use them repeatedly.

Opt for a high-performance face mask that can protect them and allow them to breathe comfortably while performing vigorous physical activities. Your friend, family, or special man would love to own a mask that they can use to complement any of their daily outfits. For your safest choice, go for darker colors so they can be easily paired and matched with. Also, darker colors won’t make stains overly obvious.

Bespoke Shoes

When you know his feet size, buying bespoke shoes will be an excellent gift idea. They’re fit for someone who loves fashion and wants to look easy on the eyes all the time. For any man’s shoe wardrobe, a pair of elevated personalized shoes that can transform his look from daytime casual to evening sleek is a must-have. Fortunately, there are many brands and models, colors, and functions to choose from. You can incorporate custom designs on it if you want to.

You can observe what kind of sneakers they usually wear, and you’ll know their favorite style and brand. In doing so, you’ll be more confident that they’ll definitely wear your sneakers gift.


All-Weather Jacket

A good jacket is a staple piece for any man’s wardrobe. They’re classic fashion wear that can make a man look more masculine. But these clothes aren’t for aesthetics only; they’re beneficial for your guy to feel warm when the weather gets colder. All-weather jackets also protect their arms when the sun’s too intense and hot.

There are many jacket brands in the market today, so you’ll have a plethora of choices. Buy a classic jacket that he can often wear and for any season of the year. Buying a jacket as a gift is easy but thoughtful. You just need to know their favorite brand and style, so they’ll feel excited to wear them.

Home Slippers

A man would love to feel comfortable and good-looking even when lazing inside their house. Giving them these suede home slippers will make them feel and look good despite not having other people see what they wear. Home slippers don’t have to look so dull and boring once you give them this pair. They’d feel comfortable and at ease walking around their home with their feet protected and covered well.

Luxurious Shaving Cream

Men typically shave their beards from time to time. Make his shaving routine a little bit more luxurious by giving them a luxury shaving cream. Check out some brands that come with unique fragrances, essential oils, and organic ingredients. If you know their favorite scent, you can find a similar one for their shaving cream.


Sweatshirts are also staple clothing that many men would wear to feel warmer during the fall or winter. Depending on fabric material and prints, there are so many choices for you to pick out from. Here are two kinds of sweatshirts that you can consider as gifts:


Knit Fleece

In addition to its good looks, knit fleece sweatshirts are cozy and breathable and they’re made from high-quality recycled materials. He can use it during the colder months, as it’s practical to bundle them up in icy moments.

Cashmere Sweater

During this time of year, your man would want to keep a cashmere sweater on speed dial because they’re easy to wear, comfortable, and flatters their physique. Cashmere is made of high-quality fiber materials, so it’s a thoughtful and elegant gift to give.

Corduroy Work Shirt

For your guy friend or special man’s additional work shirt, give him a corduroy-styled one. It’s classic, easy to pair, and is versatile. If they love style and fashion, they can always play out different looks with this work shirt. They can be flexibly worn on any occasion, from work to date night and even casual weekends. This is an ultimate must-have for any working man.

Socks And Underwear Monthly Subscription

As a unique gift, this bottom-layer subscription can definitely make your special man smile. Giving them monthly socks or underwear will allow them always to add something new to their collection. Know what brand they’re particularly fond of, and check if they do offer subscriptions. This is an exciting but very useful gift idea indeed.

Audio Sunglasses

To add more charm to your man’s sense of style, give them these audio sunglasses. From afar, it can look like average sunglasses to protect anyone’s eyes from the sun, but it actually holds more functions than you can ever think of.

The smart glasses can play music without earbuds, making them a great gadget and fashion addition for your man. These sunglasses come with nylon frames and high-quality replaceable lenses, but they also come with speakers and sensors on the sides. This is something your man will definitely use a lot for outdoors.

Towel Set

Even bath towels are great gift ideas for your stylish man. Go for plush, soft, and absorbent towel sets that your man can use for a long time. Check some towel brands, and choose one that’s cozy to use and easy to wash and maintain.

Massage Gun

Bring the Zen experience of a spa into your man’s personal space by gifting him with a massage gun. This will ensure his wellbeing and allow him to feel relaxed anytime he wants. Especially great for men who love playing sports or working out, this massage gun can instantly relieve sore muscles and painful body areas. Since this gun is straightforward to use, it could even reach the hardest-to-reach spots of the body.

Coffee Subscription

For your coffee lover friend or special guy, a coffee subscription sounds just the perfect gift for him. Who wouldn’t want to have free coffee every morning? They might never be able to go through with their day without coffee, so they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness for ensuring that their caffeine fix is fixed and handled.

Skincare Regimen Set

If your guy wants to care for his skin often, gift him with his favorite skincare regimen. He can feel refreshed and good when his skin looks flawless and soft. There are many ideal skincare regimens for men out in the market today, from toners to moisturizers and cream.

Chino Pants

Chino pants are another exciting gift idea for your special man or family member. They can instantly make someone look neat and more formal with lesser effort. Compared to jeans, they elevate a man’s fashion style more elegantly. They’re perfect as casual wear but can also be used for semi-formal situations.

Chino pants can be paired with almost any shirt. From plain shirts, graphic tees to button-down shirts and sweatshirts, their versatile feature makes it the reason why it’s a must-own for any man. If you see your man wearing these pants more often than jeans, then you’re right for opting to buy them as a present. Go for neutral colors, so it’s easier to be mixed and matched with different colored shirts.


Some days or nights seem colder than the average temperature you’re accustomed to. Having a beanie is a must for your guy too. Show them you care by giving them an accessory to keep them warm and protected during the colder season. There are many beanie colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, so go for something fun, creative, and personalized too.

Go for his favorite color or character and have it designed on a beanie hat. You can even have his name knitted into the hat. This is pretty fun for him to wear when his name is exposed on top of his head. You can also go for a bright-colored beanie hat to add flair to his usual timid color preferences. They’re perfect to uplift their typical neutral outfits.

Pristine Leather Wallet

Wallets are great gift ideas for any occasion. Both genders love receiving this essential accessory as gifts. Leather wallets for men range from inexpensive to luxurious brands, and it’s a matter of budget and preference on your end. If your man loves wearing expensive brands, investing in his favorite brand will definitely put a smile on his face. Otherwise, if he doesn’t mind any brand, you can always choose something more reasonably priced. It’s critical to find a durable and high-quality leather material so it can last longer.

Cotton T-Shirt

This might be a little too casual to be given as a gift, but it’s the thought that matters, right? And this gift item is added to this list simply because it’s a staple clothing must-have for any guy. Fashion-forward men can style and uplift any outfit’s look by incorporating a plain cotton t-shirt as their top. Imagine layering it with a leather or denim jacket or dying it in different colors to create a tie-dyed shirt. The options for them to use this basic tee are endless. It’s simply a bonus to find that cotton t-shirts are affordable and classic.


With the 19 suggestions mentioned in this article, shopping for a man’s gift won’t have to feel overwhelming and complicated. The key is to explore his broad interests and hobbies and his personal preferences and style. You’ll be surprised to know that there are actually a lot of things to give him that he will indeed thank you for.