VestiaireThis article asks the question, How will fashion change in the future? It answers this question by examining trends in fashion from 2020 to 2022. My gift is to forecast fashion trends. I am brilliant at predicting colours and certain textiles that will be trending. I also do this when I go to press car events. It’s a gift I have and am very grateful for.

The pandemic has changed the way I live, work, shop, dress, rest, socialise and travel.  Fashion now is all about where I live and how I live. My current wardrobe is in a transition. I am gifting and offloading my buying emotions of the past. The current collection I own does not represent me at fifty nor does it suits my lifestyle.

High streets storefronts are being replaced with flats, homes, arts and gyms. This is why fashion brands have to turn clothes into furniture. Coat hangers into crokery.

Fashion Experts

Fashion experts can’t even predict trends for one year ahead. Climate change has disrupted the way we wear and buy clothes in four seasons. Season wear as we know it is over. It’s irrelevant to our lifestyle now.

It’s November and today is 22 degrees. I work from home and I am wearing my summer outfits from 2020? It’s not comfortable for fashion experts to be forced to take a back seat. Consumers spending online is why fashion experts are in turmoil regarding what collections to create.

Fashion Industry

As a trend forecaster of fashion. I am loving how the fashion industry has been forced to change the way they target weight for instance. I have gained a lot of weight due to the ups and downs of life. One luxury brand that has completely changed its public image is Gucci.

I have been watching the luxury brands such as Gucci reinvent themselves. The latest stunt is targeting plus-size women. It is the first time Gucci has made a collection that was showcased in LA. Why did Gucci launch the obese collection in LA? The USA is one of the fastest countries in the world. Mexico is the largest population for obesity in both their own country and America.

Gucci was forced to change their business model because. women from China are not travelling to Italy. Chinese women are being controlled in buying luxury goods also within their own country.

What's Next 15 Accurate Fashion Predictions of the Future

On-Line Purchases

People including me have swapped fashion for furniture. Therefore my buying habits online has changed.

For the first time since I can recall the fashion industry is not in control of what the consumer needs. It is the consumer forcing the fashion industry to rethink its business model.

Plus top influencers are pushing back regarding the fashion catwalks and runways. They are the one’s buyers of clothing are listening to. Platforms like Vogue are no longer relevant to youth.

Decluttering Trends

I have been decluttering my wardrobe on a luxury online platform called Vestiaire. This platform is owned by Kering Group, which also owns Gucci. I am not alone in the world of decluttering my personal fashion wardrobe. Millions have dumped unwanted items in order to reset their emotions for a new lifestyle.

In order for me to feel better about my inner self, letting go of the past clothing means I can move forward. I bought clothes for all the wrong emotional reasons.

What's Next 15 Accurate Fashion Predictions of the Future

Handcrafted Items Makes Me Function Better

I have to sell my items. For me, it is all about owning items that I love for the uniqueness and quality of the fabric. Honouring clothes that are handcrafted by creators of the past. This type of shopping is so much harder to do. Because I am forecasting trends of the future. It’s part of my DNA to do this. I naturally do it and need it to survive mentally.

Buying from ZARA and buying fast fashion everyone can do. This is not personal style it’s just buying for the sake of buying.

It’s the hunt for niche clothing that I have mastered all my life. This balances my inner soul. As a result, I then perform better as a mother, wife, friend and businesswoman.

It is important I let unwanted clothes speak to me and give them away. It’s holding ME back from progress as a woman.

Fashion Trends Forecast

I am loving what this pandemic did to the fashion industry. Primark, Gucci,Dolce & Gabbana came to a massive hault. They were forced to rethink how they sold to China. It was Asia that the European fashion labels were banking on for years to survive. How they got even richer.

This new renaissance in fashion is steered by the power of the consumer. The fashion industry has to slow down and think about how to lure in new markets? How to make affordable items for Italians to buy in Italy.

The carbon footprint for fashion has to be challenged. Keep it local, create locally and support local economies.

Luxury fashion brands have had to change their collections to target us staying at home. Normally fashion brands work on collections ahead of time. They command what we should wear. But this is not the case in the last 12 months. Its circumstances like lockdown. That has resulted in fashion labels like Zara adapting to the supply and demand of what the consumer is buying online.

ZARA, homeware I noticed recently has gone up a level regarding the number of scented candles available. The crockery is all earthy colours and very rustic. This is what the consumer wants. Connecting to nature during lockdown is what the world craved.

Knitwear, Wool Handcrafted Trends

Why has knitwear, crochet and everything wool gone through the roof whilst we have been at home? The demand to learn how to knit. The demand to get rid of synthetic jumpers, during lockdown is wonderful learning a new skill and also destroying anxiety.

Our shopping experiences have resulted in fashion brands forecasting buying habits by watching what we buy online.

It’s us the consumer for the first time in years steering the way for fashion labels to stay ahead of the curve regarding what we want to wear.

Fashion has been replaced with Lifestyle.  That is why so many labels have gone bust. The famous Oxford Street in London is so very empty. Not much foot traffic in the last 20months has destroyed a high street way of shopping. What we deem important to wear in our current lifestyle is why so many of us are not buying clothes at all.

I bought this D&G textile and now will turn it into wall art.

Dolce & Gabbana Venice - How To Create Your Upcycling Look

Vintage Pop Up Shops

I have a vintage section on my blog. I always knew vintage would grow during this pandemic. American designer Daniel Roseberry has put Schiaparelli back in the spotlight. A corner at Bergdorf Goodman and a series of pop-up shops at Dover Street Market are the latest signs the brand is finally ready to grow distribution beyond its Paris couture salons.

Pop up shops are very common during tough times for women. It’s how we can feel good about ourselves. Creativity and arts is the key element to survive this Covid 19 for years to come.

I love my vintage finds of the past. Because I know it can’t be bought like so many other bags.

I knew vintage fashion was going to be hot again. Going through my closet in the last year allowed me to look at a new horizon. I had to predict what social media relevance was heading. I knew that the runways were not the influencers of the market as they were once in 2019. People were not looking for red carpet inspirations. As there were no red carpets events happening. Fashion weeks became a virtue watch which many people were not interested in seeing what to wear for the next season. As I and they knew there was no next season for 2021.

Vintage hunt is so much more appealing, exciting and niche. Buying vintage copies is nothing like the real thing. Look at this Roberta Di Camerino bag I bought in Venice all made out of the same material as a Gondola.

Roberta Di Camerino Gondola clutch bags venice vintage interwoven leather lace

Working From Home

We were forced to work from home.  Recreating homeschooling and office space is why fashion has taken a back burner. Many families are homeschooling pushing back for a better holistic lifestyle.

People now shop for items for their homes. 

Working from home has resulted in people not dressing up for work. Not even making an effort for Zoom calls. Being, in lockdown has resulted in luxury brands sewing homeware goods for both homes and what we all come to love, loungewear. Luxury brands like Dior, Dolce & Gabbana have created fashion within the home alongside furniture within the home. They had too, millions have been lost regarding fashion buying.

Dolce Gabbana Orsoni Venice kitchen tiles 2021 interior design made in italy (3)

This is D &G kitchen made with Venice tiles. Very clever as it has the DNA of the fashion label. Now can be used in my kitchen.

Lounge Wear Trends

When the New year of 2021 appeared we all were in lockdown. So loungewear was a continued trend set by the consumer. They are and still somewhat people’s statement piece for staying home.  Therefore 2021’s top trends are all about textiles and what millennials and fashion bloggers are wearing at home.

Due to online shopping being the new catwalk retail stores have had to bear the brunt of what people want.

2021 is all about fashion dictated by the consumer. It ain’t skinny jeans no more. It is still loungewear.


Youtube is flooded with personal style tips. For gen Z the internet insights are so relevant when it comes to gaming and fashion.

Die to our consumption of technology. Gaming is the new way of buying and being influenced by fashion trends for teenagers. Fashion magazines are of the past and games like Squid as awful as they may look. It is why many youngsters are buying trainers. The new trends books for fashion is not WGSN, but gaming, AI and what the models are virtually trending on the gaming catwalk.


Who would have thought Vogue too had to reinvent itself. At a 100milliom dollar loss last year. Vogue from all over the world has become a hard paper magazine that no one cares for anymore. Vogue has been replaced by artificial intelligence.

Consumer behavior means Instagram, Google and Pinterest are forced to drive fashion trends and buying behaviour. Runway shows are not for trend forecasting. They are all about hosting niche clients. Gucci has bout fat women on the runway for the first time. Nothing Vogue can do about it. It’s the plus-size consumer for fashion that has forced Italian and French arrogant luxury brands to sit up and take note. Obesity is here to stay.

Trade Shows Replaced By Luxury Pop-Ups

No one has been going to trade shows where trend forecasting can be seen. Due to brands such as Nike not being able to create new stock due to supply chain issues. It is very hard for the fashion industry to highlight next year fashion trends.

Items like sweaters, sneakers and all things embellishments can no longer be made a year ahead. The demand is simply not there to predict. This is why Vintage trainers are ever so popular. Or newly established brands like Fila have made a comeback.

Against all likelihood, Hermès has headed for Brooklyn to open something of a branded jungle gym. This is a test to see if the consumer is wanting this experience for the long term.

What's Next 15 Accurate Fashion Predictions of the Future

Gym Hermes For Wellness

The French house has opened an installation in Williamsburg called HermèsFit. Forget working out with therabands and stainless steel weights, though. Through Sunday, fans and customers can book special exercise experiences featuring Hermès scarves, which have been applied to boxing bags and inspired new yoga sequences. Those with more of a taste for jewellery can participate in a “kickboxing with bracelets” class that incorporate Hermès’ classic enamel Clic Clac bangle designs.

There are Hermès-inspired barbells, a climbing wall, a photo booth and a juice bar. Interested participants can pre-register for classes on Hermès’ website or drop by the space at 60 North 6th Street for a peek at the experience.

Proof of vaccination is required for entry.

It’s all about what I have been doing since 2015, living the fashion lifestyle by incorporating your luxury brands. This is all about making people feel good whilst out and about and getting fit.

Handbags have been replaced with wellness experiences.

What's Next 15 Accurate Fashion Predictions of the Future

Archive Fashion

Archive fashion is ever so popular now. I predicted this because nostalgia buying is part of peoples psychiatric survival. We are all delving back to our 80’s or 90’s styles. Plus luxury brands to save money or due to supply chain issues had to delve into fabrics of the past they have had sitting for years. And upcycle the textiles, which is wonderful. They were forced too, and that is why  I am loving this pandemic.

No luxury brand can sit back and hope that massive travel is returning. It’s the consumer that leads the way in forecasting fashion trends. By combining fashion with lifestyle experiences is certainly hot for 2022.

The clothes doing the walking but it’s how and where you use them will be the telling of in fashion for brutal survival.