This wool pencil dress is a beautiful find. It’s so reasonable, so comfortable and so versatile. It will give you an easy, elegant look. Get the complete wool pencil dress story for less here.

This Wool Pencil Dress Is So Reasonable, So Comfortable And So Versatile.

Since 2020 during Covid 19. I have been trending wool outfits. Living on A Tuscan estate is very cold. The villas are old, cold and no insulation is common within Tuscany. I have had made a wool purple sweater. And also a moss green blanket cape to keep me warm whilst walking through the olive trees.

Merino Wool 2021 purple dress Gracie Opulanza made in italy

I had it made for walking around the estate. Sadly I washed it on the wrong temperature and it shrunk.


In the past, I have also worn during snow season wool pencil dress. As they are very warm, look smart and casual no matter what time of the day it is.

wool pencil skirt

Hard to see but my wool pencil skirt is beetle green. I am wearing it with very expensive lace-up boots from Italy. Wonderful for countryside living.

It Will Gives You An Easy, Elegant Look

Depending on your colour mood and mental state of mind. Chunky knits are always wonderful to wear during winter. wool pencil dresses or skirts are easy, elegant to wear. They give a snug motherly appeal to both my children and guests coming on to the estate.

These pencil dresses are easy for any body type. They are easy when it comes to any brand purchases because they all come from the same DNA. I like to own ones with butterfly sleeves. As my arms are fat and chunky. Therefore it makes my arms more elegant.

It’s the natural fibre that makes me feel happy. Opt for mixed colour wool.

blue wool mix

Big Bust

I have big busts and not so many curves. This is one of the best dresses for any body type. It can give a slimmer upper body look. And my lower body highlights my small thighs.

This pencil dress is wonderful for comfort and sparkle for anyone’s different sizes.

Wool pencil dress has a natural silhouette finishes to it. Easy to team with many accessories. many retailers offer them in all shapes and sizes.

wool pencil dress

Fast Fashion

Don’t opt for fashion like New Look. Go for cashmere or pure new wool from Italy or Australia. Zaa may have many options for Massimo Dutti. But I find the fabrics are horrible and only last a season. I am fifty so it’s wonderful as wool stretches and covers my tummy.

Wool Care

When you do wash your wool, don’t go above 30 degrees. Rub stains. Never leave to soak, and don’t wring it. Gently roll it in a towel to get rid of excess water then lay it out on a clothes horse and place a towel on the floor underneath to soak up the drips.


Knee High Boots

I am a big fan of natural tan knee-high boots. Always team your pencil skirt or fitted skirt with brown leather made in Italy boots. To get a fitted waist to opt for Versace gold belt to give a 19080’s appeal. I am a big fan of Gringo boots.

old-gringo-boots-Mexico.jpg-embroidery America

Body Shape

They are wonderful to wear when pregnant to show off your baby bump. They look good if you want to show off your figure. The new figure-skimmers are not designed to be worn exclusively by leggy teenagers, nor to hoik up celebrity boob jobs, or show off whittled waists. The new incarnations are stretchier, softer and all the more flattering for it.