The parent/child fashion trends of today can help to predict the parent/child fashion trends of the future. Learn how and why to use fashion history to predict fashion trends.

Kids Wearing Their Mother’s Clothes

Angelina Jolie recent red carpet has begun a co-sharing trend. With her daughter, Shiloh.  Who is wearing her luxury dresses of the past? I adore this. Angela is sending out a fabulous upcycling message to all mum’s out there.

As my children are borrowing clothes from my wardrobe and experimenting with colour, styles and how they want to look. This is all about being creative and experimenting as any teenager would.

mother and child fashion (2)

Why Predict Fashion Trends?

As a mother of two teenagers going through menopause. One therapy is to always predict future trends. I have a gift of doing this. For example last winter I had a green moss cape made. I knew green would be a popular motherhood trend for my wardrobe.

This winter is everything green. Ad everything knitwear.


 How To Predict Fashion Trends?

I can’t tell you how I predict trends. As it is my gift. I don’t have inside help such as Victoria Beckham does with her team always researching trends. As a mama I do understand that retailing has changed regarding how we women shop now. So browsing for a capsule wardrobe and looking out for staple pieces. It all comes down to my gut experience over the recent years.

Why Do Fashion Trends Repeat?

Every wardrobe has essentials like yoga pants, blazers, swimwear and boots. Hiking boots like my GO red hiking boots will always repeat themselves. Bold color and stripes always return season after season. My wardrobe has many high-quality fabrics like denim. That will never die no matter what child is born.

mother and child fashion (2)

 Common Trends

Common trends like tees, vests, swimsuits a good bra, jackets and skirts. Are statement pieces that are formed even in the children’s clothing department. Big common labels like Gucci, Hermes, Chanel are the top brands on Instagram that any girl or mother dreams of owning.

Vestiaire is a fabulous online platform to find bargains and niche luxury brands.

Special Occasion

As a mother who teaches my children to play and experiment with clothes using my wardrobe. It is all about learning the art of sharing is caring when it comes to high-quality garments.  It is important to teach our children that trends are to be set, copied and made. That clothes throughout our lives represent our mental health moods.